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[review] : Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color #PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake

hai, back again with me  >w<
I really want to make a tutorial make up, but I have problem with photoshop, I still can’t use photoshop. so, I’ll learn more hard next time and for filling my rest time I’ll make a review. yeah, I just can make a review a this moment. hope you still enjoy read my blog

today review is Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in #PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake. maybe some of you ever heard or ever try this product. I think before I bought this product, this product will means a lot with me. but, I make a wrong think. so, let’s see what we have now ^^

box packaging : 4.5/5
damn, the box packaging look so cute. I’m swear, my eyes so sparkling when I see the box packaging. come in pink color, which materials hard transparent plastic with tag all over color. I can’t say anything, it’s perfectly make me die with their cute design

beside of the box, Idk with the translate. poor me with Korean language, I never can be read their hangul. but, you can see if the packaging it’s too cute to be true. good job for Etude House.

back of the box, you can see product description and I love the picture so much. more over cute when I see, and also come in pink color. ok, I know if I’m can’t stop my self if I see something which look cute and sparkling my eyes. btw, this product can be use for eyeshadow, cheek blush, and lip product. seen promising and good function in just one product. sugoii !!

packaging : 4/5
I love Etude House concept for this one, it make the product look so sweet and yummy. this product make presentation if this product is cupcake with flavor strawberry chiffon cake, with strawberry, whipping cream, and rainbow rice chocolate as a topping. feel so hungry and want it the product, I’m kidding la~
honestly, I’m quite disappointed because the packaging made with tin material. tin really easy to corrosion, and it will be harm and dangerous with the product inside. I know if paint, make less the level of corrosion, but I’m still disagree with this packaging. I more choose materials which made by plastic or glass, it more safety than from tin. and they come in jar type.

-note of product-
product : Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color
shade : #PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake
brand : Etude House
volume : 10 gram (0.35 oz)
made in Korea

applicator : 0/5
believe me, there’s no applicator to take the cream inside. there’s no spatula or mini spoon or anything. and I’m quite disappointed with it. how can I take the cream inside without spatula, clean hand isn’t good enough to make the cream free from bacteria. that’s why I give zero point from five, because there’s no applicator inside. I think Etude House use a lid or something and put the spatula inside the product, but I make a wrong think. so, keep clean your hand before touch the cream.

-color chart-
Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour have 5 shade different and for every shade they give name like cupcake. #PK001 Blueberry Cheese Cake, ahh I love this cake so much, this is my favourite cake but I didn’t think this is my favourite shade. the color is purple and I think this color will suitable for fair skin. #PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake, the most favourite color for me at this moment, their come in soft pink color. #OR201 Orange Choux Cake, the color like orange, yeah orange. I think the scent also orange, feel so fresh. #OR202 Peach Sugar cake, the shade of this color is peach, look so natural. and the last is #RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake, this one is another my favourite color. and mine is #PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake, come in soft pink color who I love so much >w<

shade test : 5/5
I give perfect point because the color look so perfect for me. come in soft pink color, I think this color will suitable for my skin, and it’s true. the color a little bit give glossy effect, but not too much at all. like other cream, the color look same with their advertisement and pink like strawberry milkshake.
texture : 3/5
as a cream shadow or cream blush, I think it’s quite good. but, when I see their advertisement, when in use the cream more look like choux base or whipping cream. I’m so excited if I can get the cream like whipping cream, but the true condition is this product isn’t like that. but, it’s ok. I still can use this cream as eyeshadow, cheek blush, or lip cream.
scent : 4/5
I’m quite shocked, when I’m open the jar I can smell the sweet scent that’s so yummy. I can feel strawberry cake inside. I love the scent so much. as a girl who love with scent like chocolate, vanilla, and something that have sweet scent. this product will completely my product collection which have sweet scent.

how to use : 3.5/5
I think 3.5 as point from 5 quite enough for this cream when in use. as you can see, you can use this cream as cream eyeshadow, and I give 3.5 point from 5. the cream easy to blend on my eyes, but for someone who have oily eye lid, I’m recommendation to use eye primer before using this cream eyeshadow, because if you don’t using, after a few hours the cream eyeshadow will be look messy on your eyes. 4 point from 5 as cream blush, it’s so different when I’m using as a cream blush. their quite stay for a few hours on my oily face, and the color still in good condition. the color make my face look more fresh with soft pink natural color. and I give 2.5 point from 5 as lip cream. I didn’t think again to make this cream as lip cream, because it make my lip dry.

all over : 3.5/5
all over it’s so-so. the packaging made in jar type with tin material, and I’m disagree with that. there’s no applicator to take the cream such spatula or mini spoon. with small size, this product very travel friendly. you can get 3 function in just one product such eyeshadow,  cheek blush, and lip cream. the texture isn’t like who I think before, but still quite good as a cream blush. I love the sweet scent from this product. and plus point from this product is the color in their chart color advertisement look so similar with the real product. this picture is me using this product as cheek blush.

where to buy? I got this from Rie Butik, for around 7 USD or 68 IDR
recommended? I don’t think so.
re-purchase? I think no.

travel friendly size, sweet scent, soft pink natural color, good for cream blush, easy to blend, cheap price.

made in jar with tin material, there’s no spatula, make my lips dry.

hope you enjoy this post and happy weekend. with love, -chici-

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