Sunday, November 17, 2013

[review] : Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

finally my exam is has been finished, after two weeks study more hard than usually but now I can take a rest. I’m getting back my quality time for sleep and do my normal activity, of course come back to my blog again. do you remember with my haul in this month (click here), if I have any cushion who I get from their event when press release mega trend make up with any cushion.

this is Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ from Etude House, and this is my HG for this time, not only with the packaging but also with the result. Etude House Precious Mineral Any cushion is liquid foundation which lock on the cushion  and if you want know more about this any cushion, scroll down and I’m sure you will find the answer, why this product be HG for me.

you can find the explanation about this product in back of the box, but because I can’t read hangeul so I’ll skip it.

ahhh, we are so lucky. because who can’t read hangeul, you can find the explanation of the product in beside of the box with english translate. not only with the explanation, we can find how to use, the caution, and of course the ingredients. and if you have some allergic with the ingredients inside the any cushion, you can consider to buy or no.

Etude house slogan in other side of the box. dear girls, Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! Love E.
their look so sweet right? I love their slogan >w<

shade of mine is Honey Beige W24, it more suit with my skin tone, because when I’m try to apply on my face the color look more bright than the shade indicator. but if you have bright skin or fair skin, Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion also available on bright shade, that is Natural Beige W13.

packaging : 4/5
Etude House always come in sweet and cute packaging. come with pink color, the characteristic of Etude House. but I don’t know why Precious Mineral Any Cushion which sell in Indonesia come with packaging in pink color, because when I see from some online shop who sell Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, they sell with packaging in white color. do you think the ingredients or something has different, Idk.  when I’m open it, the packaging inside is look so simple, but didn’t less their cute packaging. sorry, sometimes I choose product just see from their case, not the function or anything.

-note of product-
product : Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
brand : Etude House
volume : 15 gram
made in Korea

-push in here-
if you see, in back of the packaging, you can find word “PUSH”. voila .....
don’t worry, your any cushion isn’t broken la~ they just separate to some partition. this is the place for put your any cushion reffil. so, you didn’t need to buy the new any cushion, you just need to bought the reffil, but the problem is Idk where I can the reffil, I’m forget to ask on the Etude House store.

puff applicator : 3.5/5
btw, if you bought this cushion you can get the puff include in the case. the puff come in white color on the front side and dark blue on other side. I tell you if the puff it’s so soft, can absorb the foundation with good, and easy to use. but the less point is the bacteria can entered with easy because we don’t know how much the foundation which leave inside of the puff.

-claim from product-
this any cuhion will give 6 multi function such have sunscreen, sebum control powder, moisture essence, whitening essence, cooling, and foundation just in one product. this is one of 2 benefits we get from Precious Mineral Any Cushion, the other benefits is always present a flawless look that means if you can always present a flawless look in a convenient pact in anytime and anywhere.

cushion cell : 4/5
with cushion cell-trap technology, they lock the foundation inside the cushion. it make the foundation still fresh and have good condition. can you see if the cushion look so soft, when I’m pressing the cushion it feel so smooth and soft. the texture isn't too liquid or creamy, just like other foundation.

shade test : 3.5/5
btw, sorry for bad quality picture, I take the picture indoor with less lighting, so the picture isn’t clear and have a bad contrast. the shade is fine with me, isn’t too bright or dark even my any cushion come in dark shade. 

coverage test : 4.5/5
I put some eyeliner on my hand to make test coverage and I make a compared on my hand. the coverage is medium-full coverage, it’s good to know if their can less my black spot or my acne. this foundation easy to blend on my face.

over all : 4.5/5
over all I love with Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. although he oil control is so-so for me, and after a few hours I can feel my face a little bit greasy, but it make my face look glowing without feel weight. so, I didn’t need nymph aura for make a glowing face. the coverage is good too. this product have high SPF, so I didn’t use sunblock before using it, and give cool feeling too. the less point is when I’m put primer before using this product, after a few hours my face feel so cheeky and weight, the primer and the foundation separately and can’t blend very well, so I recomended to using this product just in single part. I didn’t recomended to use primer or make base before using the foundation because the result it’s so messy. but the product is worth to try

where to buy? Etude House store, price around 22 USD or 218 IDR
recomended? yes, I am.
re-purchased? yes, of course

give 6 multi function. can use in anytime and anywhere. the packaging is travel friendly. include puff applicator. medium until full coverage. give a flawless skin and glowing effect. all over the product is good.

if I’m combine with make up base or primer before using this foundation, after a few time it make my face feel so cheeky.

hope you enjoy my post and see you on next post. with love, -chici-

Sunday, November 10, 2013

[blog contest] : me and OPPO N1 - return to innovation from OPPO

hoollla my lovely readers, how are you today?? hope you always in blessing of God (:
this is my 5th post in this month, but I didn’t make a review about make up, skin care, or cute stuff. I’ll make a post about "me and OPPO N1", bahasa is "aku dan OPPO N1". because my goal is for international reader , so I didn’t use bahasa in this post. for IDN (Indonesian) people or people all in world who want read my post, you can translate it, find google transtool on right sidebar in this blog, and click it. so, happy reading ^^
anyone ever heard about OPPO??
for some people around the world maybe familiar with this brand, OPPO. yeah, the brand is OPPO. I found this brand when I’m open my friend  blog, she is a beauty blogger from IDN, when her do a job in Japan, she’s drop out her phone until broken and she’s very frustrating with that, until she bought a new phone when come back to IDN and introducing her new phone on her blog. in the first time I’m feel underestimate with this brand, oh come on this brand is come from china and I think china’s product isn’t good la~
but, I make a wrong thinking about this brand. after read her post I want bought phone who same with her. in same time, I surfing on my netbook and find their website and know more about their brand and I want it more and more. but, the product is quickly sold out in short time ;^;
and now, I know if this brand it’s so AMAZING !!

I see their advertisement on TV which using korean girl and I’m so wanted when I see it, the spesification from the phone make me feel so wondrous. I didn’t thinking about other spesification, I just thinking about her camera, they can do a good job and I want their camera. slapped me, I’m almost crazy when I’m thinking about the camera -.-
ok, enough for talking about my dream. I’ll explain about OPPO now. their history, launching their new phone, and other more information about their phone. so, YOU MUST KEEP STAY TUNE ON MY BLOG !! :O

history of OPPO
maybe many people specially in IDN who don’t know with history of OPPO Electronics Corp. OPPO Electronics Corp is an electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.  Guangdong is one of city which entered to my wish list who I want to visit in future. founded in around 9 years ago, the spesific is in 2004 and the company has registered the OPPO brand name in many parts in the world, one of all is in America, who the name is OPPO Digital, Inc. OPPO Digital Inc., is a subsidiary of the Chines electronics manufacturer BBK Electronics around 2004, which based on California, United States around. the first product is OPPO DVD Player. OPPO also have other manufacturers in other country, such as OPPO.COM in China, OPPO Korea, and OPPO Digital & in Europe. they all is same brand, but has completely different divisions. OPPO digital design and manufacturers it’s own products for give facilitate regional needs.
before OPPO do production with phone, especially smartphone, OPPO also do production in other electronics such MP3 Player, Portable Media Player, eBook, Disc Player, DVD, and LCD TV. and in around 2008, OPPO producting smartphone. In April, 2013 OPPO for the first time entered to IDN and open their market in here. before OPPO do marketing their product in IDN, the first is OPPO spread their wings to several countries such as Amerika, Vietnam, Thailand, Rusia, and Qatar. since  that OPPO continues promote their brand which introducing the quality of them via advertisement on TV, internet, media, etc. the best smartphone from OPPO is OPPO Find 5, OPPO Find Way, and OPPO Find Piano
Launching OPPO N1
OPPO announced the launch of the OPPO N1, the first smartphone from their new N-Lens flagship series. OPPO do launching in AOYA Exhibition Center inbeijing, september 23, 2013. after in Beijing  and now for Jakarta, Indonesia (IDN) to launching OPPO N1 in october 16, 2013. proud to IDN which get second launching from best smartphone OPPO N1. OPPO believed if IDN is right place to do their second launhing because the marketing in IDN it’s so promised. so sadly, I didn’t get their invitation ;^;
with dimensions 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm it’s so slim, I love the dimension so much. they make OPPO N1 really slim and thin. It will suit in my pouch and look so eye catching. and weight around 213 gram, isn’t make my pouch heavy or something, the dimensions and weight is enough for me. compared with other smartphone, this is the best one because OPPO more thin than other smartphone.
OPPO N1 using multi touch and capactive screen, with screen around 5.9 inch make this smartphone look bigger. but, I love big display because some korean girl using phone which have a big screen, so I can writing my post from this phone too. plus 1080 Full HD IPS display (1920 x 1080 pixels) 37 PPI and 16 millions colors make OPPO N1 has good screen, their kan give sharp image quality and make more colorful. you can watch movie, play game, and many other with big display from OPPO N1.

as a beauty blogger, I see product not only with the spesification and the result, the design is so influence for me. OPPO N1 is smartphone with a simple design who I ever see, come with white color and square shape and touch of oval shape. the shape remind me with my nail, I love make nail art with this shape. the plus from OPPO N1 is silver line around the packaging, it make this phone it’s so elegant and glamour. I hope they also put some swarovski stone on this OPPO N1 *dream of my deepest heart* >w<

ok, the main function of OPPO N1 is on the camera. OPPO was the first brand in the world who realizes new possibilities in smartphone photography with rotating camera. the revolutionary camera rotates 206 degrees and will securely lock at any angel. OPPO N1 really answered our need especially for me and other beauty blogger for self-camera. with 13 megapixel  sensor with dedicated ISP it’s so good and will make our photo clear without noise or blur, because we can see our picture in screen when we took self camera.
OPPO N1 also has a special light-diffusing LED flash design consisting of a normal flash for back facing shots, and a softer, diffused light for front facing shots, with brightness tunable from the OPPO N1 camera software. front facing shots will not only be just as good as back facing shots, they will also be perfectly lit. from OPPO N1, we can change the picture to other mode such as panorama, high speed, rewind, beautify, and slow shutter scene modes. most important for me is beautify mode, haha XD

design of the camera
because OPPO N1 have a rotate camera, it was be a challenging for engineer problem. the camera is small camera housing included more than 67 components and 50 cable inside the camera. every part of the camera has structural reinforced and undergoes anti static treatment. OPPO N1 also has tested for the camera until more than 100.000 rotation, but the camera it’s still good and take picture with clear photo. OPPO do great job for this smartphone.
CMOS with six physical lenses
OPPO N1 is first smartphone which use six physical lenses for get a clear image. with CMOS sensor, ahh Idk with CMOS sensor, what is that? that is sensor which can take a great photos even in dark place. Such a great deal for have OPPO N1.
that’s not enough for you? I’ll tell you more than it, please listening me. from OPPO N1, the camera will make own photo process solution for improved white balance, exposure, and FOCUS. no matter the lighting on your place, from camera OPPO N1 you can take your picture with clear and detail. Wohooo it’s a  really really great deal ^O^

Operatyng System
with processor 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad Core, GPU Adreno 320, and Memory 16 or 32 GB ROM / 2 GB RAM  it’s good choice for you using android or CyanogenMod. OPPO N1 comes with color (based on Android 4,2), that is a unique android operating system with over 400 unique features. anybody here who ever heard about CyanogenMod? CyanogenMod is a features who designed to increase performance and reliability while offering a variety of features & enhancements. they can managed and apply thousands of compatible themes with push of button. Improve your productivity with instant access to setting via your notification bar. and so many all who give we a real “SMARTphone”. and I know if OPPO N1 it’s real smartphone.
O-touch Panel
what is O-touch panel? OPPO N1 just developed their new smartphone for make the best history beside they camera. O-touch panel is such a touch panel which place in back of phone, with A 12cm2 rear touch panel, it makes one handed use for the large OPPO N1 screen easy and really comfortable. with O-touch panel, you not only can scroll or tap, but also snap photos. your finger isn’t blocking your screen again, and of course there’s no fingerprints on your screen display. ^^
O-click control
O-click control, what is that? are they same with remote control? I say, yes. O-click control is like remote control, remember me with a car. O-click control it’s a remote for camera OPPO N1 even when you are away from the phone. and not only for the camera, you can find the phone if their hide in some place, because the alarm will ringing when you push button O-click control. you can connect your phone with O-click control until range up to 50 meters, and stay connected to bluetooth in OPPO N1. You can use O-click control as a keychain if you want, so simply and still elegant.

why I want get OPPO N1
it’s so simple, I just want their camera. from the first time I know OPPO, I really really want their camera, and now I’m almost crazy with OPPO N1 because their rotate camera. with O-click control, I can find my phone wherever they hide. Please don’t ask about other spesification, it’s a good deal if you bought one and know more about OPPO N1, sadly I can’t buy it ;^;
anybody will give me this phone??
O-touch panel, it’s good idea when our mother finger feeling tired, we can change to use another finger who placed in back of phone. I love the design and their big screen, it’s good enough for me, the design it’s look elegant and glamour, look so prestige and that’s important for me, yeah prestige. the display make me easy to writing every post for my blog. with slim, thin and square shape it make OPPO N1 more and more good, compared with other phone who have a thick phone and heavy weight. I want steal you OPPO N1 from your store *slapped*

one video who make me really want to have OPPO N1, that’s the rotation camera. find here

where to buy??
find in OPPO store in your city
how the price??
around 700 USD or 6,999,000 IDR

I hope you enjoy my post, happy shopping and find new experience with OPPO N1
with love, -chici-
for more information about OPPO, click here :
facebook : OPPO Indonesia -
twitter : @OPPOIndonesia -
website : OPPO -

Notes : this post is submitted for “me and OPPO N1” or bahasa“aku dan OPPO N1” blog contest
pictures taken from OPPO official website

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[award] : The Liebster Award - discover new bloggers

4 days ago I got email from disqus, you know ‘lah’ if you using disqus as a comment box, and I get comment in one of my post in this month. I think there’s just a comment, not special or anything who I make happy, but when I open my blog and when I will answer the question, I’m was surprising, her name is April, and she say “I'm just dropping by to tell you that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!”
wohhoo ^^, I’m so happy to know that. it’s mean a lot for me. April is a beauty blogger from JUST SO APRIL  and she is living in UK. thank you so much dear for choose me as a nominator :*

so what is The Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is for those who has less than 200 followers on Bloglovin, this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!
if I have nominated you all you have to do to receive the award is to follow me on Bloglovin and be my friend on GFC, and don’t forget to answer a few question too! make sure that when you nominate people that you are following them and send them a message letting them know.he number of bloggers they suggest nominating is 11.

here is the questions who was given from April to answer
1. what is your favourite thing to do when you have spare time?
writing a new post for my blog, surfing on internet and calling my boy friend ^^
2. where world you like to go on your next holiday?
next month is Singapore and maybe next year to Thailand
3. what is your favourite quote?
 zero to be HERO, you know what I mean la~
4. if someone asked you for some advice on life what advice would you give to them?
health, Idk why I choose that, maybe because I know some good programme for make your body always in good condition
5. what is your favourite thing about blogging?
when I see someone put their comment on my blog, find a new friend in my GFC and see people in the world read my blog, that all make me happy (:
6. how long have you been blogging for?
 this month is 6th month I’ve blogging
7. If you have unlimited money to spend what would you buy first?
I can’t choose la, maybe make up or skin care or fashion or gold to make investation, haha XD
8. who influenced you the most in your whole life?
beside my family, who can influenced on my life is my boy friend, he is a good man who I love more than everything
9. state one thing that you regret doing?
Malaysia, I want to go to Malaysia again in next time, I want go to ipoh, penang, and china town on there, I just want try they food la~
10. if you could go time travelling what time period would you go to?
2 weeks is a good time for me know and remember the place
11. can you forgive and forget? of course yes

I nominate(drum roll)…
1.      majorie from Lace and Leather
2.      miwitch J from Miwitch
3.      christine from Little Blue Haven
4.     mindy 美美 from Welcome Home
5.     lizzie from Head-full-of-flowers
6.     vina mayu from Welcome to Tea Saloon
7.     stephanie vheii from Vheii
8.     angelina febrin from Etherealatte
9.     filia from
10.   ellen tan from Loveellentan
11.    fifi from Beautyfi Life

my question for you
1.      what is your favourite thing about blogging?
2.      where you choose between Japan or Korea?
3.      who someone that influenced the most of your life?
4.     how long you need to put make up on your face?
5.     when you sad, what are you doing?
6.     someone who I can't forget in my life is...
7.     where you choose between make up and skin care?
8.      if you choose make up or skin care (answer of question no.7) why you choose that?
9.     what is your favourite food?
10.   why you be a beauty blogger?
11.    how much you registered your self on social media?

with love, -chici-