Friday, December 20, 2013

[review] : Etude House BB Magic Cream

ahh, finally after more than 3 weeks I can come back to my blog and writing a post. and for this chance I’ll make a review about one of my favourite bb cream at this time. this bb cream is one of my list haul on november haul, click here for read post.

I have Etude House BB Magic Cream, for long time ago I really want to try this bb cream after see the advertisement on internet, this bb cream really can give perfect coverage on face, should like magic like their name. so, I enter this bb cream on my wish list. let’s see what we can find from this bb cream ^^

box packaging : 4/5
the box packaging make me feel sparkling with illumination color, the color can be change when you see from different portrait and lighting. I love Etude House concept, because it more look magic and I can see rainbow color on their box packaging, maybe some glitter can make this box more sparkling and magic, that’s just in my mind la~

can you see the magic stick on this box packaging, the magic stick make sparkling and the sparkling coloring the box, haha XD
the box packaging I think it look plain because no lace or some cute design, but the main color such violet and illumination color like rainbow make this box packaging look more live. I love violet color

in the back and side of the box full of description but in Korean hangul. if you can’t read hangul, don’t worry you can find in English translate on other side box. if you have some allergic with the ingredients, you can find in beside of the box, so you can make sure to bought this bb cream or no.

-note of product-
product : Etude House BB Magic Cream (Moisturizing)
brand : Etude House
volume : 35 ml
made in Korea

packaging : 3.5/5
the packaging look plain, there’s no cute design or anything. the box packaging look more cute than the product. this bb cream come in tube type, the tube isn’t to big or small, but still travel friendly. tube quite hard and didn’t easy to broken. the main color of tube is violet, I think the color it’s so soft. the cap also come with transparent violet color, so we can see inside the cap, what the applicator inside. in the back of tube same with the box, the back tube full of description product but in Korean hangul.

-claim of product-
this bb cream can offers natural looking coverage that nourishes and corrects skin tone.

applicator : 4.5/5
as you may know if some bb cream which come in tube type, we need to squeeze the tube to getting out the bb cream. but this bb cream come in tube pump, so we just need pump the applicator to get them. I more choose this applicator, why? because with this tube pump, it can minimalism the bacteria which can enter to bb cream than we choose tube squeeze. beside of the bacteria, with tube pump we can minimalism the accident when we want to use, we can pump in small size. I know if I’m a messy girl and sometimes I squeeze to much and throw away, but with this applicator it more help me a lot -.-

shade test : 4/5
for the shade it’s ok on my skin tone, Idk for people which have tan or olive skin tone, maybe it will be look more white and bright. I didn’t recommendation this bb cream for which have tan skin tone. I know if this bb cream made for Korean people who have pale or fair skin tone, and I think that’s why this shade didn’t really can be match with Indonesian people. and the less point from this bb cream, they only come in one shade.
texture : 4/5
the texture same with other bb cream, isn’t to liquid or creamy, it’s so-so. the texture isn’t thick like other bb cream which I ever try, this bb cream more light than the other, ok I know if I’m never find bb cream which have light texture more than this bb cream. this bb cream easy to blend on my face, you can use your clean fingers, brush or sponge as applicator.

coverage test : 4/5
I’m using dolly wink eyeliner to make a coverage test. you can see if the coverage in medium. as you may know if the color of dolly wink product it’s true black, and maybe that’s why the bb cream can’t give full coverage. but it works on my red spot and uneven skin tone, this bb cream can give me medium until full coverage. please to not thinking will same with the advertisement.
oil control : 4/5
this bb cream is the best bb cream which I ever try, although they Etude House didn’t make this bb cream for someone who have oily skin and most to moisturizing skin, the oil control of this bb cream it’s quite good. this bb cream can stay on my face and control my sebum for around 7-8 hours everyday. notes, I do my activity in room which full with AC. I just need to use this bb cream and set with loose powder. I think the combination is quite good. maybe you should try this bb cream.

over all : 4/5
the packaging which travel friendly make this bb cream can easy to enter in my make up pocket without need more place. I love the coverage, oil control, and the texture. easy to blend and have light texture. great tube pump as applicator. the less point from this bb cream is they didn’t have sun protection or SPF, so you need use sunblock or moisturizer which have sun protection. all over I love this bb cream more than the other >w<

where to buy? Etude House store, price around 30 USD or 298 IDR
recomended? yes, I am.
re-purchased? yes, of course

travel friendly packaging, light texture, great oil control, medium until full coverage, easy to blend, tube pump applicatior, and moisturizing our skin.

plain tube packaging, just come in one shade and didn’t have sun protection.

ok, this post is first post in this month, hope you enjoy read my blog, and see you on other post. very welcome to critic and comment on my blog. with love, -chici-

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