Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[review] : Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion and Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk - Indonesia version

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I’ll discuss about Hada Labo in Gokujyun  and Shirojyun series from Indonesia version.
let’s start........
Hada Labo is a facial skin care who developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan with strict supervision of pharmaceutical GMP standards to ensure product quality and consumer satisfaction and through research for many years.
Hada Labo contains the best ingredients for their product because it is important and good for the skin. with their philosophy is PERFECT X SIMPLE, PERFECT mean they only use the best materials and manufactured using strict pharmaceutical standards. and the SIMPLE mean only use ingredients that are benefit to our skin, there is no substance other additives such as fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol, deodorizer, or other additives are not needed by the skin
with pH adjusted to the pH of skin, so as to avoid the impact of the skin irritation .
only the best for your skin.
lets see the packaging of Hada Labo.
their packaging is totally same, like their dimension, volume, and the bottle. you need to squeeze the bottle for get their product. the bottle look strong, so don’t worry if you drop it, but the cap easy to broken. their dimension is not travel-friendly with height around 11 – 13 cm and volume 100 ml.
the back of the bottle come with their description.
first from Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion, this product come with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid. improved Hyaluronic Acid (AcHa) to help improve skin moisturizing in 2 times more humid in the appeal usual Hyaluronic Acid and maintain skin's moisture balance. 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 6 liters of water, lock moisture in the skin for better hydration. the skin will feel soft, smooth and remains elastic. Gokujyun Ultimate Light Lotion is special for oily skin. containing alcohol as an astringent which reduces excess oil production and make skin feel fresh. with Nano-Sized Hyaluronic Acid is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin for longer.
and the second is come from Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk with 3 benefits. first, contains High Purity Arbutin is extracted from bearberry plant to brighten skin and black blemishes, make skin look clear and bright. second, contains vitamin C to prevent dull skin and that protect the skin from sun damage such as dark spots and aging lines on the skin, so makes the skin look young. and the third, just like Hada labo gokujyun series, Hadalabo Shirojyun series also contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and soften the skin, so skin will feel elastic.
Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion a little bit watery than Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk, their come with transparant color really really like water. this product has a lighter texture and not sticky so it’s suitable for oily skin. they could control my oily face around 4 hours, without use their milk or bb cream. I think this is pretty useful, after use this lotion my face feels so fresh. I do not guess if they smelled like coconut water, that’s fun >.<
Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk has different texture than Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion,  they come with white color and bad smell. the texture is thick and sticky and I don’t like with their scents. after use it, my face look so dull and yellow-ish, I don’t know why, who I know is I don’t like with the texture, the scents, and the feeling. I can’t to describe it. I just can tell you if is not really good. after I know with the texture and feeling, I’m not using it again.

- cheap price, Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion  around 4 USD and Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk around 6 USD.
- worth it for Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion, love the smell and feeling.
- easy to use
- easy to get or buy
- come with hard bottle

- bad smell, sticky and dull feeling from Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Milk
- not travel-friendly

will you purchase it again? Yes, for the lotion and no, for the milk

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ranking : 3/5

Sunday, July 21, 2013

[review] : Vaseline Healthy White series - Insta Fair and SPF 24 - for protect your perfect day

moshi – moshi
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in this chance I’ll tell you my favorite lotion, I usually use this baby when I’ve activity in out-door and in-door. it make my skin look more brighter than before, one level brighter from medium light to light skin in around 2 months. I’m so happy ^^
it will be perfectly your day to protect your skin from sunlight. let’s see what I have now...
this is Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair and Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24. I love you my baby <3
Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair is lotion with Skin Micro Reflectors for get brighter skin from first use even have up to 4 level to makes the skin instantly brighter. the content makes skin look brighter since the first usage continues to grow and make it bright. not only bright, but also to keep the skin and protected from UV rays while under exposure to sunlight, to preventing your skin becomes dark.
Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 is lotion that’s protect you skin still look bright evenly when you have activity under the sun. reguler lotion is not enough for protect our skin from the sunlight, we need
a lotion that brightens while protecting the skin from UV exposure. Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 that provides three levels of protection from the sun exposure so it helps the skin look brighter evenly despite being in the sun.
move to the packaging. they have same packaging with based color is pink on the cap and pink peach on the bottle. because they are come from vaseline healthy white series, so the packaging have same color, the different is just only in the label. the packaging is use cheap plastic, so if you not be carefull when you open the cap, it will easy to broken. and the mouth of the bottle, it has small hole, horrayyy !!!
althought they have different volume, but the dimension of both is same. I bought in big size, Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair in 190 ml and Vaseline Healthy White in 200 ml, but you can get in small size too.
next we see the back of the bottle.
Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair contents Bio-Actives Skin Lightening to lightens dark skin cells from the inside, Natural Micro Reflectors for make the skin look brighter since first use, and Triple Sunscreens for skin protection from UV A and UV B. It look so amazing for the content, this lotion not only give you brighter skin, but also give you moisturizing for your skin. it’s good right~
and the second is Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24, they’ve content SPF 24 that give you protect from UV B rays, PA++ for the UV A rays protection, and also Vitamin B3 which makes skin look brighter. you know why I love with this lotion, because they’ve Triple Protection in only one product. it can save my money more and more because it’s enough for protect my skin in my out-door activity, but if you need more than SPF 24 you can buy sunblock for more protection.
this one is the comparison of the color between Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 and Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair. you can see if Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 has white color but and Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair come with pink peach color. the scent totally has same scent. move with the texture, they have soft texture and Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 a little bit watery than Insta Fair. easy to blend and easy to absorbed. not sticky and give you relaxation after use. 
you can see the comparison before and after use Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair. now, I know why the Insta Fair can give me instantly brighter skin because Skin Micro Reflectors that reflects the light of our skin so that it can instantly brighten the skin from the outside after application. and maybe because the color too, consciously or not we will see the comparison, the color that has pink peach color give you reflection so you think you see if your skin look more bright than before. when I use, is not totally same result with the commercial advertisment, but it’s ok. I think is good enough, I always use it when in-door activity.
after we see the Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair, now we move to Vaseline Healthy white SPF 24. Vaseline Healthy white SPF 24 not give you instantly brighter skin but can protect your skin from sunlight. you can see if nothing the different before and after use, cause they come with white color and quickly to absorbed. It will perfectly your day like I say before, you can use when you have activity in out-door, so don’t worry with your skin. it will be still protecting your skin from the sun.

- quickly absorbed, easy to blend, not sticky, give me moisturizer skin
-  cheap price, around 3 USD for each product
-  contect SPF 24 and triple sunscreens
-  give me brighter skin from first apply
-  come with pink bottle >.<

- the scent is not really good for me
- the result is not same with commercial advertisment
- cheap plastick packaging

will you purchase it again?? of course, yes !!

sorry for bad lighting, because I take in other day, so I’ve pink lighting in first day and normal lighting in second day, maybe cause the reflection from the wall c:
I hope you enjoy my post, always protect your skin from the sun ladies
see you to the next post in vaseline healthy white series and also other post too
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ranking : 4/5

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[review] : Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Gold Blonde

hi girls, today is a boring day, I don’t know why
maybe cause some problem in my life, ohhh I need a rest ...
ah, honestly I didn’t want to make this post cause I hate with the result
but, it’s ok I’ll tell you
when I’m go to shopping with my boy friend in Mall Taman Anggrek
I see Etude House counter and when I’m look around, I look this baby >.<
yeah, this is hair dye product. so, I bought one and come back to apartment

this one is Bubble Hair Coloring from Etude House brand. the box says it is shampo – type bubble hair coloring item to dye your hair. its bubble foam can give more vivid color than cream-type items with Micro Bubble Booster.

product : Bubble Hair Coloring in Gold Blonde
brand : Etude House
made in Korea
this is back the box and if I’m not wrong with the meaning.
first, the advantages of bubble hair coloring is used easily it’s mean you can color your hair by using it like normal shampo. every single hair can be colored, with micro bubble booster technology, the bubbles will color all the hair. natural color without stains, it will give you natural and clean color.
second, no ammonia is added, you can use it with better smell. you can enjoy your coloring with nice smell without ammonia.
and the third, with natural flower ingredient, you also can keep your hair silky. we use flower ingredient to improve the color and also for protect your hair from damaging.
this product is available in 7 different shade, there are deep black, dark brown, natural brown, wine red, sweet orange, gold blonde, and mocha pink. I choose gold blonde shade cause I think I’ll get natural brown without bleaching my hair.
the side box, you can see the directions, caution, contents, and main ingredient that’s writing on english language.
and the other side of the box. you can see how to use this product completely with picture.
lets see what we got inside the box
from left to right : hair coloring 30 ml (1.01 fl.oz.), silky perfumed conditioner 10 ml (0.34 fl. Oz.), and oxidizer 50 ml (1.70 fl. Oz.)
from left to right and down : directions, vinyl gown, and gloves
this is how to use :
1. pour content of hair coloring (30 ml) into oxidizer (50 ml). tilt the pump back and forth, please don’t shake it to prevent bubble formation inside the pump.

2. pump to get foam.
3. apply foam from top to the edge of hair.
4. apply evenly when wash off after around 30 minutes, and use the silky perfumed conditioner.
this is me, before use etude house bubble hair coloring
and this one is after hair dye, sorry for bad quality picture
the result before and after hair dye, picture taken with flash. I hate with the result, the color isn’t working out on my hair. and you can see my hair slowly get damaged. I need twice apply the shampo for my hair and after use the silky perfumed conditioner, I think is not enough cause I need more conditioner, after I use my hair mask it more better than before.

what I love :
- cheap price, this product is around 9 USD in etude house counter
- used easily, like using shampo
- free ammonia

what I hate :
-  bad smell, the box say if this product free ammonia but I can still feel the bad smell
-  make my hair dry and damaged
-  the color isn’t working out

will you purchase it again? I’m sorry I will say big no.
cause with the result and after I use this product, I’m so sad with my hair condition now. and I think I’ll cut my hair until short. Maybe I’ll try other hair dye from dariya palty soon.
thanks for reading and see you ^^
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Saturday, July 06, 2013

[random] : Japanese Woman Secrets - Introducing : Kawaii Beauty Japan with Skin, Heart, and Body

hi girls~
long time no see, how are you? I hope you always be fine
I’m busy now with my job in my university, cause I’ve a big event and I’m so tired
I to go to campus in the afternoon and come back in mid-night
and I’m sick now, oh un-lucky me
but, it’s ok cause now I’ve a great news for all woman in the world
this news will be important for you guys, so please stay tunned ^^

do you know Japan?? oh God, who don’t know with Japan.
all people in this world also know with Japan. yeah, today I’ll share a little story about Japan.
and what are you thinking about Japan?? some people maybe will think about gyaru style, make up, skin care product, beautiful places, and maybe with their food too.
and I’m love with gyaru style and their fashion style, I don’t know how can Japanese woman look so cute and beauty cause I’m jealous with that.

first I know this page from facebook and I don’t know if you ever or never heard about this page. the name is Kawaii Beauty Japan. if you know about it, it’s great. and if you don’t know about it, with my pleasure I’ll tell you guys cause like I say, it will be so important for woman.
Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is a one-stop beauty media where you can show your true beauty with secrets of Japan, their provide information and beauty tips from Japan. You can learn all about Japanese beauty from this page. you’ll know the secrets how Japanese women have flawless skin. you can know too how to make you look beauty not only  from outside but also from inside.

Kawaii Beauty Japan is established by PT. Media Makmur, which is an Indonesian brand of beauty media company from Japan, and their called “Rich Media” who has worked with more than 700 cosmetics companies in Japan. their provide information about beauty like make up, skin care, diet, and healty lifestyle. not only about that, their also give other information such as fashion trends, food, and also Japanese culture. it heard looking good right??

now, Kawaii Beauty Japan has reached more than 500,000 likes in facebook (07/06/2013) and more than 1,500 followers in twitter. where the fans is around 70% of whom are women aged 20-30 years who have interest with Japanese beauty. And Kawaii Beauty Japan have targeting 1 million likes in the end of september 2013. you can find Kawaii Beauty Japan not only in facebook and twitter but also in their official blog.

Kawaii Beauty Japan Concepts
Kawaii Beauty Japan has three main concepts, the concepts is skin, heart and body. it why I say you can know the secrets how Japanese woman looking good not only from outside but also from inside. when I’m first know with this page, oh God it’s really important for me, I can know all, I can know how to look beauty  and healty. they also always up to date with all their news and articles to give you their tips, tutorial, and maybe recipes like DIY mask. let’s see how their give you information one by one from skin, heart, and also the body.
the first concept is the skin. their introduce a variety of skin care tips as well as Japanese products that their recomended or maybe the tips that you can make by self. they also introducing how to take care of skin and Japanese cosmetics. and one good news too, they also have weekly Japanese cosmetic campaign, which some winners selected by lot will receive wonderful Japanese cosmetic from Japan.
the second concept is the heart. Kawaii Beauty Japan also believe that beauty comes from the heart. their believe that beauty is not only on appearance but also from the heart, therefore their also  share the information how many kind of ways to get about relief and relaxation from the stress such  Japanese tea, onsen, or maybe enjoy beauty scenery like sakura in Japan.
and the third concept is the body. the basic for maintining beauty is healthy diet.  Japanese diet is often considered as the healthies diet. therefore their to provide healthy tips and beautiful Japanese style, because what we eat is a reflection of ourselves.
Kawaii Beauty Japan has also interesting program, the named is KBJ Stars, which is the beauty ambassador program for anyone wants to be a beauty guru in Kawaii Beauty japan to share beauty ala Japan in Indonesia. Kawaii Beauty Japan will choose 3 peoples to be their ambassador and you can also get free beauty product from Japan for review. so, what are you waiting now?? visit their official facebook page for more information.

thanks for read, keep beauty and healthy with Kawaii Beauty Japan.

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twitter :. @KawaiiBeautyJP -
official blog :. Kawaii Beauty Japan Blog -