Sunday, September 29, 2013

[review] : Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist

happy weekend girls ^-^
I didn’t has time to rest, because in this weekend I has a lot of task, and the deadline is tomorrow. this semester really really make me crazy -0-
but it’s ok, I’ll be fine. maybe some of you known with this product, today’s review is from brand ETUDE HOUSE, they always has cute packaging in all product,  I love their concept because looks so girly and cute, and for this product is one of all best product for hair, if you see my wishlist in sidebar on my blog, you can guess what this product. say hallo to Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist. 
hallo, my name is silk scarf moist hair mist, nice to meet you ladies ^w^
I’m come from brand Etude House, as you may know from my name, I’m a hair mist and I’ll make your hair feel moist like a silk and make smell your hair like flolral, hope you like it. I’ll also give you one of the best experience to take care your hair and after that you can style your hair with your own way. psst, I’ll give your hair nutrition until 5 days (;

what do you think with me in this commercial advertisement? am I look so cute?? are you see some of my family on the side photo? yeah, I’m not lonely, I’m come with my family such shampo, conditioner, hair mask, hair essence, hair ampoule, hair serum, etc. sorry dear, I’m so tired so I’ll hand over my story to my leader, thanks chici to take over my story >3<
hai ladies, it’s me who has this blog. as you can see on the picture, silk scarf from Etude House come in many product and they also has function who important, I ever heard if the scent from silk scarf series it’s so good and for the function please to don’t ask, maybe next time I’ll try other product from this series.

product : Etude House Silk Scarf Moist hair Mist
brand : Etude House
volume : 120 ml
made in Korea

this hair mist specially formulated with oil complex  such camellia oil, macadamia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, with watery floral fruity fragrance and luxurious extracts baobabs, this weightless mist enhances shine and boosts hair’s health, while providing vital nutrients.
this hair mist come in bottle spray, with pink color as a main color and cute design. you can see if the label come in pink color too, with pattern polkadots and cute design, Etude House never been failed to make the cute design. the bottle isn’t big or small but I think it still travel friendly because the long of bottle is less than 6” or 15cm. the bottle spray is quite strong because they come in hard plastick. the spray is come in like golden brown color with transparant cap, it make the spray look interesting because some of the bottle spray didn’t has transparant cap.

-how to use-
shake well the bottle spray and mist evenly over tower dried or dry hair, massage onto scalp, and comb though the ends. do not rinse just style as usual.
easy to use right? just shake and spray on hair. I think I really need this spray because sometimes I has activity on outdoor and it make my hair a little bit frizzy, so I need to use this hair mist, just spray on my hair and comb, after that my hair will good looking.

-texture and scent-
the texture is really watery, I’m show you the real hair mist, you can see if the water isn’t really transparant color, with white color maybe look like lychee juice and full with sparkle. sometimes I feel the water like a magic because they have sparkle. the texture isn’t sticky but really like water. when I’m try spray to my hair they change to small particle water, it look so good.

the scent is really fruity floral scent, I can’t describe it but really really good smell. the scent it’s so very soft and mild. this hair mist make my hair not only feel healthy and easy to style, but also give me the good smell, I love my smell hair so much. you must try this hair mist.

-where to buy?? rie butik, I bought with price around 8 USD or 79 IDR.
-recommended?? yes, I’m recomendation this hair mist
-re –purchase again?? yes

- all over I love this product so much

- nothing

ranking : 5/5

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