Saturday, September 28, 2013

[review] : innisfree POWERPROOF Brush Liner - great product for cheap price

I’ll share about one of my fav eyeliner this month, from the first time I saw the commercial advertisment I’m directly falling in love with the brush type and also with word “POWERPROOF”, I think it will be amazing if I try it, so I’m ordered from my fav online shop because they sell with a cheap price, hoho ^O^
cheap price for great product, you must try it !! and after you read my post about this eyeliner I can be guess if you will ordered too, haha
hallo, my name is innisfree POWERPROOF brush liner and I’ll make your eyes look strong without make irritation. my brush will not hurt you because it’s soft and you can draw thin or thick line on your eyes, let’s try me and you will love it ^w^
Ms. Rhea make me want to introduce my eyeliner like in her post, thanks ci gita for give me inspiration, maybe you should check her blog too in here.

this advertisment which spread the virus just from the picture, they say if you can make eyeline with quick and easy, and I can’t hold my self to not bought this baby.

this eyeliner come like a pen type, with white color is a main color and dark brown in a font. simple design but you can interested with the word POWERPROOF, I hope the eyeliner really-really can be waterproof and keep stay for a long time in my eyes. the packaging come in hard plastick, when you opened you just need to pull up the cap. the best from the cap is you can make your eyeliner surely closed is the cap can give voice “click”, so don’t worry because the eyeliner can not open easily.

product : innisfree POWERPROOF Brush Liner
brand : innisfree
volume : 0,5 gram
made in Korea

innisfree POWERPROOF only has two type eyeliner, with same color that is black. the different from the eyeliner is in the brush. they has brush type and pen type, and mine is in brush type. I want to choose the pen type but in the online shop there is no available in pen type, so I bought in brush type. if you see the advertisement you can see the different from the pen type and brush type, the brush applicator more than thin in pen type, but both still look good la~
I has opened the seal, sorry I can’t show you the real picture before opened, because I can’t hold my self to try it. and I hope someday they will supply in pen type too, because I’ll buy and buy it again >w<

-brush applicator-
as you can see if the brush is thin, but more thick than pen type. the brush is so soft and can draw very smooth. this brush applicator isn’t make my eyes feel hurt when I draw the eyeline. really quick and easy to use, because sometimes I can be a messy girl moreover in the morning :p
but this eyeliner make my job in make up so fast than I’m using liquid liner. you can draw thin or thick liner with this brush, I’m recommended it for you girl (:

when I’m swatch on my hand the color isn’t come in jet black, I hope more black than it. the color more matte than the Etude House Oh M’Eye Line, the Etude House a little bit has glossy color, you can check the review here.
when I try on my eyes, the color still working out but isn’t glossy. so badly because this eyeliner just come in black color.

-waterproof test-
I pour water on my hand, more and more water but the eyeliner still stay on there, they so waterproof, I’m so happy to know that. la la la ye ye ye~
can’t stop my happiness because this eyeliner, they not only waterproof but they can stay on my eyes more than 12 hours, I love you so much dear <3

-smudge proof-
beside the water proof, this eyeliner is smudge proof too. I’m try to removed this eyeliner with water, rub so hard but this eyeliner still stay on my hand, more hard but my hand turn into red and feel hurt. this eyeliner has same with the name, it’s so POWERPROOF, I’m not lie.
I’m using facial foam to removed but it failed too, but my make up remover is has been exhausted, so I’ll try to use baby oil, can removed but still not easily. you must remove slowly so you will not make your hand feel hurt. when I’m try on my eyes, I must removed this eyeliner really carefully because I want not to make my eyes hurt.

-where to buy?? chic princessa, I bought just with price around 7 USD or 69 IDR. you also will get free random sample in every order.
-recommended?? yes, I’ll recommended this eyeliner.
-re –purchase again?? yes, I’ll purchase it again before the eyeliner going to sold out.

- cheap price
- waterproof and smudge proof
- soft brush applicator
- isn’t make my eyes irritation
- travel friendly
- quick dry and easy to use
- can draw with your own way
- great cap, isn’t opened easily
- all over I love this eyeliner so much

- just come in one color, black

ranking : 5/5

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