Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[review] : Etude House Oh! M'eye Line in Black

september has coming, and I’ll celebrate my birthday in this month, but I think september is same with other month, nothing special for me la~
my handphone is broken too and I must go to service center to repair it, I don’t know how my LCD got broken, I see some lines on there, I never dropped my phone, un-lucky me -.-
skip from my phone, because I’ll next to my review about eyeliner. who don’t love with eyeliner?? I think, no one’s who don’t love with eyeliner,of course. you know why?? because some peoples in the world always using eyeliner to make their eyes look bigger, you know what I mean, the power of make up and eyeliner is important for my daily make up ^^

for you girls, who don’t know with this eyeliner. Etude House Oh! M’eye Line
this is for the first time I’ve try this eyeliner and I’m totally falling in love with this product, so I make the review for you guys, I’ll tell the max and minus from this product. I call this eyeliner with “sexy black”, wuhuuuu....
I has try other brand from western, but I think the formula isn’t same with asian brand. this liquid eyeliner can stay on my eyes more than 12 hours, great you dear ^^

Etude House Oh! M’eye Line has 3 shade color, #black #grey #brown, and mine is black. this is the advertisment from Etude House, cute right?? with pink color as a background and picture like heart using tiara, so princess >.<
I’m always thinking how with grey color, maybe next time I’ll try the grey color, but I’ll choose the brown first and next to grey, hehe :p

product : Etude House Oh! M’eye Line
brand : Etude House
volume : 5 ml
made in Korea
the packaging is cute, with black color, it’s so sexy. like I say before, “sexy black”. when I saw this product for the first, the bottle look like vase, come with black bottle and look so shiny. The text come in pink color, the characteristic from Etude House is pink. the brush applicator it’s so thin and flexible, it make me easy for drawing the thin or thick line on my eyes. the handle is also nice for grip on my hand, you can draw cat wink with easy.

swatch on my hand. this liquid eyeliner look matte when I’m swatch on my hand. the texture a little bit like gel eyeliner, but totally different. the formula make this eyeliner easy to dry, I don’t need longer time for waiting until this eyeliner dry on my hand, and when I’m try on my eyes this liquid eyeliner is quick to dry.

waterproof test. I put some water on my hand to test this eyeliner, this eyeliner will going run or still stay on there. and as you can see, they still on my hand, but for you know if this eyeliner isn’t waterproof, what are you want to get from the cheap eyeliner, waterproof?? oh guys, you must pay more and more for get waterproof eyeliner. this eyeliner is not quite waterproof but it's definitely smudge proof and I’m not disappointing with it c;

rub rub rub. after put some water, I’m try to rub the eyeliner, this eyeliner easy to removed. you don’t need using cleansing oil or make up remover for clean this liquid eyeliner. the eyeliner actually clumps up into little flecks, maybe like flecks from mascara. the good news is, when you rub it, the color doesn't go everywhere and doesn’t give you panda eyes. 

try to use this liquid eyeliner on my eyes, what do you think girls?? look good on me?? I’m try to make thin eyeliner with the brush applicator, they can stay on my eyes around 12 hours, who’s believe??
I’m not using anything in my face, no bb cream, no powder, no eyeshadow, and no mascara, I just use this eyeliner to showing for you girls. my eyes look so tired -.-

where you buy?? chic princessa, you can find korean brand, western and japan brand from their website. I got just around 5 USD or 49 IDR.
recommended?? yes, of course.
re-purchase again?? yes, I’ll try other color, but my favorite is black.

- cheap price
- easy to get, buy from online shop or visit Etude House store
- designed to be long lasting
- give me matte color
- over all I love with this eyeliner

- not waterproof

ranking : 4/5


  1. Great Review Dear.. Pingin ikutan coba ini juga.. Warna hitam nya mantap ya..

    1. ayo ayo cobain say, mantap punya lah *.*
      aku juga mau beli lagi, tapi yang warna lain :p

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I am now following you back =)

    It seems to be a great eyeliner!! I am often lazy to use those makeup remover oil stuffs, so it will be nice if this can last long and don't need that !


    1. thanks to follow back me :*
      let's try it, maybe you will love this eyeliner ^^

  3. Amazing eyeliner ;) Very beautiful effect ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com

    1. thanks dear and thanks to follow too ^^