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[event] : Celebrating 5th Anniversary by Releasing Mega Trend “Cushion Make Up”

hai ladies, this one is my first post in this month, I’m late to make this post. and for next week I’m not sure if I’ll be make post in this first week after this post, because I has exam for two weeks, arrghh I want to cry ;^;
today I’ll share my experience visit the event who I come two weeks ago. october, 17th I got invitation from Etude House Indonesia for Celebrating 5th Anniversary by Releasing Mega Trend “Cushion Make Up”. Etude House Indonesia will be celebrate their anniversary and do Press Launching their new make up. I’m so happy because I can meet my friend in this event ^w^

this event place in Ratatouille Bar and Bistro, at Jl. Rasuna Said in the H tower. the place is so far from my boy friend’s apartment, and please don’t ask about the traffic, Jakarta always have traffic everywhere you stay -.-
ahh, thanks to God, I didn’t get traffic at the time, but because some problem I still come late.

the event it’s so crowded, because who coming to this event not only beauty blogger like me, but also some media from magazine and news paper get invitation too. because I’m come so late, so I get seat so far from the stage and the event starting before I’m come, ahh pabo~
after opening and brand presentation from the MC, the next event is press launching Etude House new product in Indonesia. maybe some of you know with this product because their has do pre-order before their launching now. the product is Precious Mineral Any Cushion. from left to right : Ms. Elise Je Kwon, Mr. Chris Choi (Business Dev. Representative Etude House), Ms. Melia Erlina (General Manager Etude House Indonesia), Ms. Yenny Maria (Directress Etude House Indonesia) Ivone (Make Up Artist Etude House Indonesia).
sneak peak about Etude House new product. this is Almighty Foundation, Precious Mineral Any Cushion. this is new mega trend from Korea and Etude house Indonesia bring it to Indonesia, because they want people in Indonesia can try their best product too. Precious Mineral Any Cushion is foundation revolusioner present by Etude House. this any cushion has triple A advantages : All in one multi-function, All fitting coverage, and Always present a flawless look. for next review about Precious Mineral Any Cushion, please to keep stay tune on my blog, because I’ll make a review soon (:

after press release their new product, next event is make up demo by Ms. Lee Hong Yeon which colaboration any cushion with decoratif make up. Ms. Lee look so beautiful and I’m so envy with her and I love her make up too, look so natural and sweet >w<
sorry, I’m forget to take picture before and after make up, but when I see the result, it look so good, please Ms. Lee to be my make up guru~
after make up demo, Etude House Indonesia has make up challenge. they choose 5 girl from audience for join and the winner will be get good souvenir from Etude House Indonesia. and the winner is who wear red dress, I’m sorry if I’m forget her name -.-

when the make up challenge live, Ms. Yohanna (MC Etude House Indonesia), Mr. Chris Choi (Bus. Dev. Representative Etude House), Ms. Elise Je Kwon, Ms. Ivonne (Make Up Artist Etude House Indonesia), Ms. Melia Erlina (General Manager  Etude House Indonesia) do talk show, their answer some question from the audience.

this is birthday cake for celebrating 5th anniversary Etude House Indonesia. with their slogan “wanna be sweet? Play ETUDE”. the cake look so cute and pretty, and of course with pink color. ahh, I love pink so much >.<

prepare before cutting the cake and make a wish from all staff Etude House Indonesia.
when cutting the birthday cake, horrreeee!!! Happy birthday Etude House Indonesia, hope you will be longlasting and always success ^^
after all the event, next is lunch with all audience who come to Etude House event. they serving some main course such lasagna, spaghetti tuna, and cordon bleu. I choose cordon bleu, and I got vegetable salad as appetizer and ice tea for the drink. the food isn’t good or bad, just so-so.
this is interior inside the bistro, they has vintage theme so they bring we are back to old time. they make it look like in Paris, and I think I’m feel like in my grandma’s home because so many vintage stuff in here. the place so cozy too. the interior full with vintage stuff, such the lamp, wall, picture on the wall, the table and chair too.

this is the other part of the bistro. secause the place in level two, so the bistro get lighting and view which so nice. sun light can entered from the big window and scenery from the window look so good beside the interior too, we will see the pine tree outside the bistro.
they lamp and the mini bicycle look so cute and oldish right?? and I love it >.<
selca time.
sorry I can’t to hold my self if I see the mirror, I just take picture of me, haha :D
I ask my friend too for taking my picture, the first picture is my favourite. thanks dear to taking my photo  :*
this is me and some of my new friend who I meet in this event, they are so kind. I have one table too for lunch together with them and all is beauty blogger. meeting ci jesslyn, ci fweegie, and ci julie, they so friendly (:
I get goodie bag, inside the bag is any cushion from etude House, some brochure, magazine, and voucher 1 million IDR. The goodie bag it’s so good, wohooo ^O^
but I’m forget to taking the picture, sorry -.-

hope you enjoy my post >w<
with love, –chici–

notes : some picture is my collection and some picture taking from facebook Etude House Indonesia, just see the watermark on the photo.

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