Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[event] : Romancing with Yves Saint Laurent

hallo girls?? long time no see !! hope you always be in good condition.
it’s almost one month after my last post in January, so sorry. I’m too busy after my short holiday and start my new semester. of course I’m also prepare for my seminar, I just have time around one year before my graduation. and too bad, something happen with my eyes, so I can’t use softlens for more one week. but it’s ok, I must be ready for all.

btw, when valentine day four days ago. I’m be invited with Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia to attending re-opening their counter in SOGO Paris Van Java, Bandung. their choose theme “Romancing with YSL”, their want show to us if valentine day isn’t only with pink color. in this event we will also see make over and make up demo by Gusnaldi, one of famous make up artist from Indonesia.

too bad because I come too late, the traffic make me a little bit crazy. so, I left behind some session when the opening and the make up demo. when coming, the make up demo almost finish, so I just can see when make up artist put mascara and lip product to model. so sad to know that if I’m too late ;^;

this is the final look make up demo by Gusnaldi. valentine isn’t always with pink color, you can also use another color like candy, such blue, violet or maybe grey. I’m not make up pro, but I still learn how to put make up correctly in my face, though you can make it more creative and expressive. btw, sorry for blur picture.

btw, I find funny expression of Mr.Gusnaldi and her model. they look like say something, haha :D

this event is not only about make up demo, but the first event is re-opening of YSL counter. my friend say if first counter be located in center SOGO, but now they move to front. for more information, the new counter look more complete than before. 

Yves Saint Laurent skin care, it make my eyes feel sparkling. 

the foundation collection of Yves Saint Laurent, I see touch éclat on there, still in my wish list product. 

another collection of Yves Saint Laurent product, now you not only can find for face product such foundation, highlighter, powder or cheek blush. but you can also find their new product, such nail polish and lip stain. I’m try their nail polish, I love with the color and the result, but I’ll say no with brush applicator, it’s too short.

eyes and lips collection from Yves Saint Laurent.

their parfume collection, look very luxury and I wanna have one of their parfume collection.

surprising my eyes with their lip product, their lip collection really make my eyes feel sparkling. ok dina, save your money, I’m promise if I’ll bring you to my home baby, soon >.<

try their lip product, that is lip stain from YSL. Mr.Gusnaldi say if I’ll more suitable with neutral color such peach and pink. maybe, because my eye make up, I’m using blue eye shadow when it.

the result after using their lip stain, my lips feel moist and I can feel if the lip stain have mild scent. for information, if the lip stain can be stay in our lip for around 18 hours. I’m not really sure, but after I eat and drink, the color still stay on my lip :))

another picture of me with Mr.Gusnaldi, I think if his is kind person.

with another beauty blogger, from left to right : icel, bella, reiny, Mr.Gusnaldi, me, jie winda, viya, and suci. btw, I meet with stephanie, jacklin, and nola. but forget to take picture with them. this is my first time to meet with beauty blogger from bandung, and they are so kind and friendly. nice to meet you girls

btw, I got goodie bag from Yves Saint Laurent. that is lip product, Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss, and mine is in 52 Golden Pebble Burgundy Plum, in sample full size. the color look like violet and brown red color, of course with sparkling gloss. I’ve heard before, if the lip gloss contain 24 carat gold.

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy my post and good night.

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