about me

 hi, my name dina chen, call me dina // chici! 。◕‿◕。
Welcome to my blog ~
height:.170 | weight:.53 | blood type:.A
I'm panda addict 
I have an oily face on my T-Zone and  a little bit pores in my nose
I have normal skin
I love cheese, coffee, chocolate, cake, ice cream, and asian food ~
I'm a collage student  in private collage
I'm a shopaholic 
my passion is in fashion, make-up, ribbon, softlens, necklace, bracelet, nail art, and cute stuff 
I love pink and red colour
I have boy friend, his name is davin chen, I call him ncipiet. so, I make this blog with name chencipiet, cause I love him so much ~
feel free to ask me on twitter @dina_sama
for any question, please mail me at: cheniwenci@gmail.com
with love


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