Saturday, September 14, 2013

[random] : lucky angpao and korean cute stationery

this post isn’t about review or make up challenge, I just want to share a about my little story. for a long time I has my holiday after exam, maybe around three months I got free day, ahh I’m so happy. I just stay at my home stay, nothing special la~
and for  some days I had to flight from one island to another, to meet with my father in Pontianak, I really miss him. then returned to Bandung for prepare and going again for return to my mother’s home in other city, I must sit more than 3 hours in car, I’m so tired. I’m also has event at my university and must be there, but I can’t. I was busy with my preparation for a vacation at the end of october. well, after yesterday failed to see Shinee in Singapore because I’m sick too, I will avenge my pique in october later.
and this month, Jay Chou, my favorite artist from taiwan will perform a concert in Indonesia, but I currently don’t have any savings, so I can’t get to see the concert, and I couldn’t have asked to my parents to buy ticket with price 5 million. poor me -.-

from all the red envelopes that I receive when chinese new year, this one is been my favorite. this year is snake and of course my angpao is has picture of snake. why I love this envelope?? because at the back of the envelope has cherry blossoms pattern with a couple of snake in front of envelope, hopefully this year given the many blessings and prosperity, amen. ah, long time ago when I'm remember it.
when I’m shopping in mall, my young sister invite me to accompany her going to book store. I see some cute pen, so I bought some pen and some paper for prepare my next semester.  Actually, I didn’t want to purchase this pen, but when I saw if the pen look so cute, so I decided to buy some pen, 4 pens designed by korea and the other from china, but it still looks cute. my favorite pen is with the white color, the lid is a little bear, so cute.
I’m also get a cute case for my contact lens from the mall, the pattern is roses and come with pink color. I’ve always been interested in the pink and red color. the dimension of the case is big, it make easier when I put back my contact lens after use it. I would buy it again soon, I’ll buy in different color.

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