Sunday, November 03, 2013

[haul] : Etude House beauty haul

hallooo ladies ^^
my exam will begin in 6th november and I must prepare my self with study more hard than before. but for today I take my rest time to writting a post about my haul in this month. do you remember with the voucher who I get from celebrating 5th anniversary Etude House?? yeah, I use their voucher to bought my haul in this month from their store in Mall Taman Anggrek.

this is my haul in this month, all about Etude House, feeling so excited >w<
keep stay tune and see what I have in this month, happy reading ladies (:

I really want to try Etude House skin mal:gem, so I bought one in #fresh type. but I never try this skin care until now, because my other skin care it still full condition. will open it in soon, and I’ll make a review too. price around 29 USD or 288 IDR for 250ml (1 bottle).
I choose this bb cream because I want to try it so much, when I see the advertisement in internet I really want to try. this is Etude House BB magic Cream, they can closed our pore with perfect but without SPF, so sad when I konw that but it’s ok. price around 30 USD or 298 IDR for 35ml (1 tube).
I see this hand cream in online shop, when I see if in the store is available, I bought one. this is Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream, the type is cream. I love this hand cream so much and if you try it, surely you will love it too. price around 14 USD or 138 IDR for 50ml (1 tube).
I really love with nail art, but I’m not a profesional nail artist. I just has hobby to decorate my nail. Etude House has so many nail polish, but who I want isn’t available. so, I choose Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails in shade #2 kiss of fire. price around 15 USD or 148 IDR for 1 package (3 bottle @4ml).
the last, who I bought is mask, I bought 2 Etude House Essence Mask #collagen, 1 Etude House Essence Mask #vitamin C, and 2 Etude House Essence Mask #vitamin E. price around 3 USD or 28 IDR for each mask (1 sachet).

and this Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ in shade #honey beige W24, I got it from their event in 2 weeks ago, when EtudeHouse press release mega trend “cushion make up” and now available in all Etude House store. price around 22 USD or 218 IDR for 15gram (1 piece).
and the last I didn’t bought from Etude House store, I bought from my favourite online shop Rie Butik. this is other collection from Etude House Sweet Recipe. I bought Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in shade #PK002 strawberry chiffon cake, I love this baby so much because I can use this product not only for blush on, but also for eye shadow and lips too. for the prize, I’m sorry I forget with the prize. If  you want this product too, now available in Etude House store.

that is all my haul in this month, it enough for me for this month. for more info, Etude House has so many promotion for this month, just check their facebook fanpage in Etude House Indonesia or visit their store in your city. Wanna be sweet?? Play Etude!
with love, -chici-

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