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[review sponsored] : Ageha Natural Brown from Japan Softlens

Merry Christmas for all people who celebrate, may the spirit of Christmas bring you peace, the goldness of Christmas give you hope, and the warmth of Christmas grant you love J
althought I didn’t celebrate Christmas day because I’m not Christian, but so many my friend celebrate this day, and I’m also excited with this day because so many red and gold color, I love them so much <3 and please forgive me didn’t make Christmas look, forget to bought the dress and anything, I just remember when Christmas eve. btw, today I’ll make softlens review, lets move to review J

around 1 month ago, Japan Softlens send me email and ask me, which softlens who I love to review.  so, I pick ageha natural brown and ageha icy grey, the pattern maybe look so similar with geo but totally different, and I never try lens with natural brown pattern. some of my friend try ageha icy grey and the pattern look so cute too, so I also choose icy grey. but, for this chance I just make review one of them, I’ll make review Ageha Natural Brown from Japan Softlens

box packaging : 4/5
the box come in pink magenta color with flower pattern and butterfly. maybe that’s why the brand give name ageha because the means of butterfly is ageha. the box look so lux with glossy effect, until I can see the reflection of my camera on the box. so far I love with the design packaging althought they come in magenta color, maybe magenta will give lux and glossy effect than other color. the box made by hard paper.

in the back of the box you can find the short description and Japan Softlens website. this lens produced in Japan, but their manufactured by Dueba Contact Lens from Korea. they also completely with short warning, please to place your lens in cool place and far from direct sunlight, because sunlight can make the age of lens more shorter.

every softlens who sale by Japan Softlens always included with brochure guide how to use the lens, how to clean the lens, and how to keep and place the softlens. but unfortunately, because this softlens produced in Japan, so the brochure guide also come in Japanese language. poor me, I just can read the hiragana and katakana, and I don’t know the means of them, just see the picture which I can find on the brochure.

and every softlens who you bought from Japan Softlens, you will get a lens case for free. it’s sound interesting right? tt can help you to place the lens after using. 

-product description-
product : Ageha Natural Brown
brand : Ageha (Japan Softlens)
color : Brown
base curve : 8.9 mm
diameter : 14.5 mm (16 mm look a like)
sph : right -3.75 & left -3.75 (available in normal and minus until -8.00)
disposable : 6 months
Made in Japan

packaging : 4/5
this softlens it’s so different with other softlens which always seen. this lens didn’t come in bottle packaging, but come in blister packaging. it make this lens always safety and hygienist. some of you maybe know if lens which come in bottle packaging more have a risk, because some fake seller can be reuse the bottle for make fake softlens. I always believe if blister packaging is good more than in bottle packaging.

design or pattern : 5/5
the design it’s so simple, but I love them. this pattern will be suitable for make “ulzzang” look, because the pattern look so natural. this lens will be suit for your daily activity.

color : 5/5
if you want have natural brown color in your iris, this lens is perfect. the color isn’t too obvious, so this lens will be perfect. now, I just use softlens with natural color because I didn’t want make some people crazy or think if I’m freak using lens with attractive color. so, I more choose transparent or natural brown color, because I have dark brown iris. this color blend perfectly on my eyes.

comfort : 4/5
every softlens who I’m wearing, I need to adaptation with them. and I can say if this lens quite comfortable on my eyes. althought the diameter is quite big for my eyes but they didn’t make my eyes feel tired more fast. in everyday my activity, I always in room which full with AC, but this lens isn’t make my eyes dry or anything, but I still put eye drop for less iritation and dry eyes every 3 hours. if you want know more story from first day until now I’m using this lens, just scroll down babe

enlargement : 4/5
the enlargement is quite enough for me, look so natural and still give dolly effect. I love use this lens for “ulzzang” look, because the pattern, the color, and the diameter make this lens perfect to make “ulzzang” look. this lens give 16.00 mm look when in use, althought the diameter just 14.5 mm. but, this lens still can give big enlargement in my small eyes. honestly, my iris just around 14.00 mm until 14.2 mm. if you want buy this lens, make sure if your base curve is fit in your eyes.

short story from day one until day six experience using Ageha Natural Brown
day one
, I need adaptation to make the lens fit on my eyes. the times to make the lens fit is around 30 minute, their most quickly than other lens which I ever try except transparent lens. I’m using for around 5 hours in day first to make my eyes feel comfortable with this lens. day two, time to make lens fit with my eyes more fast than first day, I just need around 20 minute, and it perfectly fit on my eyes. I’m using for around 6 hours then remove from my eyes. my eyes still in good condition. day three, more fast 5 minute than day two to make the lens fit on my eyes. and I’m try to use around 7 hours and they still good without irritation or feel tired.

day four, I just need 5 minute to make the lens fit on my eyes. and I use for around in 8 hours, I think it’s quite long for me, but my eyes still in good condition and didn’t feel tired. day five, when I’m put the lens on my eyes, their directly can fit with the iris, maybe because my eyes quite enough for make adaptation with the lens. I’m using this lens for around 9 hours, one hour more than yesterday. honestly, my eyes still so good and there’s no red eyes. day six, the also can directly fit on my eyes, I didn’t need to make adaptation again. and I’m using for around 10 hours, it’s quite long for me and my eyes didn’t feel tired or irritation. notes, I put eye drops in every 3 hours, I’m doing my activity in room full with AC and it make my eyes more fast to dry, and I’m also have sensitive eyes. 

what do you think about this lens on my eyes? honestly, I didn’t edit the lens to give the tears look on the lens. they because the lighting or another portrait, but I still didn’t know how to make it -.-

all over : 5/5
I’m quite satisfied with this Ageha Natural Brown. the pattern look so natural, the color really perfect for me. I’m quite comfort with the lens. the enlargement of this lens quite big to make doll eyes or “ulzzang” look. blend perfectly on my eyes because the color look so natural. didn’t make my eyes irritation, dry, red eyes, or feel tired. perfect for any occasion or daily activity. over all I love this lens so badly

every softlens who you bought from Japan Softlens, you not only get free lens case, but also you will get a pen like lipstick. the color of the lipstick look so pretty la~ but the truly fact is just a pen. 

btw, Japan Softlens also give free shipping to some city in Indonesia for every softlens you purchase from website and you also will get 5% point reward. or you will get discount 15 IDR for another city which exclude from free shipping area. the best deal is every softlens you pay is 100% guarantee, *term&cond apply. buy now to get discount until 30% for some selection softlens.

where I get?? Japan Softlens, normal price around 27 USD or 270 IDR. Discount price around 18 USD or 178 IDR.
recommended?? Of course, yes.
re-purchase?? I think yeah.

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy my post and happy Christmas
with love, -chici-
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