Saturday, July 06, 2013

[random] : Japanese Woman Secrets - Introducing : Kawaii Beauty Japan with Skin, Heart, and Body

hi girls~
long time no see, how are you? I hope you always be fine
I’m busy now with my job in my university, cause I’ve a big event and I’m so tired
I to go to campus in the afternoon and come back in mid-night
and I’m sick now, oh un-lucky me
but, it’s ok cause now I’ve a great news for all woman in the world
this news will be important for you guys, so please stay tunned ^^

do you know Japan?? oh God, who don’t know with Japan.
all people in this world also know with Japan. yeah, today I’ll share a little story about Japan.
and what are you thinking about Japan?? some people maybe will think about gyaru style, make up, skin care product, beautiful places, and maybe with their food too.
and I’m love with gyaru style and their fashion style, I don’t know how can Japanese woman look so cute and beauty cause I’m jealous with that.

first I know this page from facebook and I don’t know if you ever or never heard about this page. the name is Kawaii Beauty Japan. if you know about it, it’s great. and if you don’t know about it, with my pleasure I’ll tell you guys cause like I say, it will be so important for woman.
Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is a one-stop beauty media where you can show your true beauty with secrets of Japan, their provide information and beauty tips from Japan. You can learn all about Japanese beauty from this page. you’ll know the secrets how Japanese women have flawless skin. you can know too how to make you look beauty not only  from outside but also from inside.

Kawaii Beauty Japan is established by PT. Media Makmur, which is an Indonesian brand of beauty media company from Japan, and their called “Rich Media” who has worked with more than 700 cosmetics companies in Japan. their provide information about beauty like make up, skin care, diet, and healty lifestyle. not only about that, their also give other information such as fashion trends, food, and also Japanese culture. it heard looking good right??

now, Kawaii Beauty Japan has reached more than 500,000 likes in facebook (07/06/2013) and more than 1,500 followers in twitter. where the fans is around 70% of whom are women aged 20-30 years who have interest with Japanese beauty. And Kawaii Beauty Japan have targeting 1 million likes in the end of september 2013. you can find Kawaii Beauty Japan not only in facebook and twitter but also in their official blog.

Kawaii Beauty Japan Concepts
Kawaii Beauty Japan has three main concepts, the concepts is skin, heart and body. it why I say you can know the secrets how Japanese woman looking good not only from outside but also from inside. when I’m first know with this page, oh God it’s really important for me, I can know all, I can know how to look beauty  and healty. they also always up to date with all their news and articles to give you their tips, tutorial, and maybe recipes like DIY mask. let’s see how their give you information one by one from skin, heart, and also the body.
the first concept is the skin. their introduce a variety of skin care tips as well as Japanese products that their recomended or maybe the tips that you can make by self. they also introducing how to take care of skin and Japanese cosmetics. and one good news too, they also have weekly Japanese cosmetic campaign, which some winners selected by lot will receive wonderful Japanese cosmetic from Japan.
the second concept is the heart. Kawaii Beauty Japan also believe that beauty comes from the heart. their believe that beauty is not only on appearance but also from the heart, therefore their also  share the information how many kind of ways to get about relief and relaxation from the stress such  Japanese tea, onsen, or maybe enjoy beauty scenery like sakura in Japan.
and the third concept is the body. the basic for maintining beauty is healthy diet.  Japanese diet is often considered as the healthies diet. therefore their to provide healthy tips and beautiful Japanese style, because what we eat is a reflection of ourselves.
Kawaii Beauty Japan has also interesting program, the named is KBJ Stars, which is the beauty ambassador program for anyone wants to be a beauty guru in Kawaii Beauty japan to share beauty ala Japan in Indonesia. Kawaii Beauty Japan will choose 3 peoples to be their ambassador and you can also get free beauty product from Japan for review. so, what are you waiting now?? visit their official facebook page for more information.

thanks for read, keep beauty and healthy with Kawaii Beauty Japan.

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