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[review sponsored] : COW STYLE Skinlife Acne series - Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash and Skinlife Face Lotion

hi girls, this post will be my second post in august.
I just received package from COW STYLE Indonesia, they send me for make the review about their product, I’m so busy because I must go to flight from one city to other city, so they send the product to my boy friend’s apartment and arrived maybe around 2 weeks ago.
to keep my promise I’ll make the review, let’s see.....

this is the packaging when I receive it, with transparant box and cute pink transparant ribbon too. ありがとう Cow Style – sama. I got Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash and Skinlife Face lotion from Skinlife Acne Care series. the price around 6 USD for foaming facial wash and 5 USD face lotion, cheap price right c;
open the box ~

cow style say “100 years of beauty by quality”. Cow Brand is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. Cow style signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products with the catch phrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture). one of the secrets of they quality products is their everlasting commitment to the soap-kettle saponification method, a soap-making technique that requires a lot of time and care, but rewards us with natural moisturizing factors that cannot be achieved otherwise.

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why using this product ?
moisture-rich soap that preserves skin moisture by dense and gentle lather. provide the skin clean, soft and moist, improve skin texture for the better and make pores look smaller and thus free from acne. raise the dead skin around the pores which are the cause of sebum and make skin brighter.

product : Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash
brand : Cow Style
volume : 200 ml
made in Japan

this one is Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash, the packaging is come with white and red color, the bottle use pump so we can use it easily. the front and back of the bottle using Japanese language, I’m not really sure if this product travel friendly because the bottle look bigger. Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash can cleaning and reduces excess oil, disguise the scars that make the face look brighter and more radiant.

the texture from Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash is foam, like the name. the foam is come with white bubble color, look very soft and smooth. I love the bubble so much <3
my feeling after using this is so fresh, my face skin it’s clean, feel elastic and smooth.
they really can absorb my sebum and can control my oil face around 4 hours after use this facial wash.
moving to second product .....

product : Skinlife Face Lotion
brand : Cow Style
volume : 150 ml
made in Japan

the packaging of Skinlife Face Lotion is come with white and red color too same with their foaming facial wash, the bottle use squeeze bottle with transparant white color on the bootle, so we can see the lotion from out. the bottle using Japanese language too, ya laa~ they come from Japan. big bottle make it not travel friendly, but you can move the lotion to other small bottle if you want to bring when you traveling. Skinlife Face Lotion with content of hyaluronic acid, fruit acid, lemon extract they claim if can make more fresh faces, smooth, acne-free, oil-free, and can remove dead skin cells, sounds good !!
let’s see the texture of Skinlife Face Lotion...

you can see, if their texture is liquid like water and has transparant color, same with other lotion from other brand, but with different smell. I love their smell, hmmm <3
my feeling after use the lotion is feeling so smooth, not sticky but the control oil from this product isn’t good, after around 2 hours you will feel your face a little bit greasy.
sorry to hear that, maybe it will good for other people but not for me ~

- cheap price
- easy to find, just find in on drugstore
- easy to use
- great control oil from Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash
- their claim totally is true, yey!!

- big bottle, can’t bring when you traveling
- bad control oil from Skinlife Face Lotion

I think I’m suit with the facial wash, I love the bubble, I love the feeling after use, I love the bottle too, cause I don’t need use water to make the bubble, I’ll bring it when I’m traveling although they come with big bottle, love you my baby <3
but with the lotion, maybe not suit on me, bad on me
not necessarily bad with you too dear. every person has different skin, so don’t worry if you want to try c;

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