Sunday, November 17, 2013

[review] : Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

finally my exam is has been finished, after two weeks study more hard than usually but now I can take a rest. I’m getting back my quality time for sleep and do my normal activity, of course come back to my blog again. do you remember with my haul in this month (click here), if I have any cushion who I get from their event when press release mega trend make up with any cushion.

this is Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ from Etude House, and this is my HG for this time, not only with the packaging but also with the result. Etude House Precious Mineral Any cushion is liquid foundation which lock on the cushion  and if you want know more about this any cushion, scroll down and I’m sure you will find the answer, why this product be HG for me.

you can find the explanation about this product in back of the box, but because I can’t read hangeul so I’ll skip it.

ahhh, we are so lucky. because who can’t read hangeul, you can find the explanation of the product in beside of the box with english translate. not only with the explanation, we can find how to use, the caution, and of course the ingredients. and if you have some allergic with the ingredients inside the any cushion, you can consider to buy or no.

Etude house slogan in other side of the box. dear girls, Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! Love E.
their look so sweet right? I love their slogan >w<

shade of mine is Honey Beige W24, it more suit with my skin tone, because when I’m try to apply on my face the color look more bright than the shade indicator. but if you have bright skin or fair skin, Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion also available on bright shade, that is Natural Beige W13.

packaging : 4/5
Etude House always come in sweet and cute packaging. come with pink color, the characteristic of Etude House. but I don’t know why Precious Mineral Any Cushion which sell in Indonesia come with packaging in pink color, because when I see from some online shop who sell Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, they sell with packaging in white color. do you think the ingredients or something has different, Idk.  when I’m open it, the packaging inside is look so simple, but didn’t less their cute packaging. sorry, sometimes I choose product just see from their case, not the function or anything.

-note of product-
product : Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
brand : Etude House
volume : 15 gram
made in Korea

-push in here-
if you see, in back of the packaging, you can find word “PUSH”. voila .....
don’t worry, your any cushion isn’t broken la~ they just separate to some partition. this is the place for put your any cushion reffil. so, you didn’t need to buy the new any cushion, you just need to bought the reffil, but the problem is Idk where I can the reffil, I’m forget to ask on the Etude House store.

puff applicator : 3.5/5
btw, if you bought this cushion you can get the puff include in the case. the puff come in white color on the front side and dark blue on other side. I tell you if the puff it’s so soft, can absorb the foundation with good, and easy to use. but the less point is the bacteria can entered with easy because we don’t know how much the foundation which leave inside of the puff.

-claim from product-
this any cuhion will give 6 multi function such have sunscreen, sebum control powder, moisture essence, whitening essence, cooling, and foundation just in one product. this is one of 2 benefits we get from Precious Mineral Any Cushion, the other benefits is always present a flawless look that means if you can always present a flawless look in a convenient pact in anytime and anywhere.

cushion cell : 4/5
with cushion cell-trap technology, they lock the foundation inside the cushion. it make the foundation still fresh and have good condition. can you see if the cushion look so soft, when I’m pressing the cushion it feel so smooth and soft. the texture isn't too liquid or creamy, just like other foundation.

shade test : 3.5/5
btw, sorry for bad quality picture, I take the picture indoor with less lighting, so the picture isn’t clear and have a bad contrast. the shade is fine with me, isn’t too bright or dark even my any cushion come in dark shade. 

coverage test : 4.5/5
I put some eyeliner on my hand to make test coverage and I make a compared on my hand. the coverage is medium-full coverage, it’s good to know if their can less my black spot or my acne. this foundation easy to blend on my face.

over all : 4.5/5
over all I love with Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. although he oil control is so-so for me, and after a few hours I can feel my face a little bit greasy, but it make my face look glowing without feel weight. so, I didn’t need nymph aura for make a glowing face. the coverage is good too. this product have high SPF, so I didn’t use sunblock before using it, and give cool feeling too. the less point is when I’m put primer before using this product, after a few hours my face feel so cheeky and weight, the primer and the foundation separately and can’t blend very well, so I recomended to using this product just in single part. I didn’t recomended to use primer or make base before using the foundation because the result it’s so messy. but the product is worth to try

where to buy? Etude House store, price around 22 USD or 218 IDR
recomended? yes, I am.
re-purchased? yes, of course

give 6 multi function. can use in anytime and anywhere. the packaging is travel friendly. include puff applicator. medium until full coverage. give a flawless skin and glowing effect. all over the product is good.

if I’m combine with make up base or primer before using this foundation, after a few time it make my face feel so cheeky.

hope you enjoy my post and see you on next post. with love, -chici-

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