Tuesday, November 05, 2013

[review] : GEO Princess Mimi Almond 14,5mm

hai girls, today I’ll make a review about soft lens. I bought it one month ago. I really want to try this lens because the pattern look so natural and has black ring outer the lens. it can make dolly eyes effect when you wear it. maybe I’m too late to make review about this lens, because so many people out there has make a review about this lens. but it’s ok, I’ll make review with my own way ^^
this is GEO Princess Mimi Almond. as you may know if Tsubasa Masuwaka also using this lens and from the first time I directly falling in love with this lens, not only with the pattern but also with the black ring outside the color.

I’m not really sure if this is limited edition, because so many people out there has trying and have this lens. but the box make it sure if this is limited edition, but you can’t be trick me. haha XD

I know if my prescription is big, because my bad activity. I hope I have a normal eyes so I didn’t need to use eye glasses, but it’s too late. for you ladies who reading my post, please to always keep and take care your eyes, because it’s a window on your life ;^;

make sure if you’re lens is original and still has seal. don’t accept the lens if in broken seal, maybe your lens isn’t original or fake product. every GEO lens has label authentication like this to check the originality of the lens, scratch the grey sticker and check on GEO anti fake system in GEO medical website.

 please be careful when you open the seal, because the seal can hurt your hand. the seal made by like hard alumunium material.

product : GEO Princess Mimi Almond
brand : GEO Medical
volume : 2 bottle in 1 pair (1 lens per vial)
made in Korea

product description
diamater : 14,5mm
base curve : 8,6
water content : 42%
SPH : right -3,75 and left -3,75
disposable : 6 – 12 months

design or pattern : 5/5
I love the design, look so natural and cute. make me remember with tsu-chan eyes. this lens can use for daily or any occasion. the design look so simple. some people will don’t know if you using soft lens because the pattern will entered and diffuse with your eyes.

color : 4/5
if you see the back and the front of the lens, the color from back is more obvious than the front. I think the color isn’t really good. beside they has brown chocolate color but when I’m wearing it, the color isn’t working out. maybe because I has dark brown iris too. I hope the color more obvious than it. but it still look good when I see the black ring for a better enlargement, it can my small eyes more look big than before. maybe I need plastic surgery for make big eye, haha XD

comfort : 3.5/5
I know my eyes in small size and I want look has big eyes in sometimes. so, I choose this lens for make my eyes look bigger. the diameter isn’t too big or small, it’s so-so. but when I put in my eyes, the lens can’t adaptation with my iris, I need a few time to make the lens suit on my iris. when the first time, I really can’t comfortable with this lens maybe because the diameter it’s big for my eyes, but after a few days I feel a little bit comfortable. this lens isn’t make my eyes dry, I can use until 8 hours without eye drops. please don’t follow my bad habit, you need to always put the eye drop every 3-4 hours for decrease the iritation on your eyes. but when I’m using in room with AC, my eyes feel tired more fast than I’m in room without AC.

enlargement : 4.5/5
I love the enlargement which they make from this lens, they make my eyes look big. the black ring give big effect on this lens, because the lens can make dolly look when you using it. it suit for ulzzang or gyaru look a like, but if you want have more big iris, you need more diameter than it. the enlargement will not make your eyes too big and crazy at all, it look always natural and cute. I think the diameter is quite enough for my eyes, I usually wearing lens with diameter 14,00 – 14,2 because I want not hurting my eyes.

where I get ?? kawaii gankyu, I got it with price around 13 USD or 130 IDR
recommended?? yes, for the enlargement and price, I recommended this lens
re-purchase??  maybe yes

- the pattern look natural but still look cute
- diameter isn’t too big or small, is good enough
- I love the dolly effect which make from this lens
- has black ring
- over all I love with this lens

- need a few times too make suit on my iris
- I think the color isn’t more obvious

bonus from me, spam with my picture, hoho ^O^

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it and keep stay tune for next post
with love, -chici-

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