Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[review] : Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Gold Blonde

hi girls, today is a boring day, I don’t know why
maybe cause some problem in my life, ohhh I need a rest ...
ah, honestly I didn’t want to make this post cause I hate with the result
but, it’s ok I’ll tell you
when I’m go to shopping with my boy friend in Mall Taman Anggrek
I see Etude House counter and when I’m look around, I look this baby >.<
yeah, this is hair dye product. so, I bought one and come back to apartment

this one is Bubble Hair Coloring from Etude House brand. the box says it is shampo – type bubble hair coloring item to dye your hair. its bubble foam can give more vivid color than cream-type items with Micro Bubble Booster.

product : Bubble Hair Coloring in Gold Blonde
brand : Etude House
made in Korea
this is back the box and if I’m not wrong with the meaning.
first, the advantages of bubble hair coloring is used easily it’s mean you can color your hair by using it like normal shampo. every single hair can be colored, with micro bubble booster technology, the bubbles will color all the hair. natural color without stains, it will give you natural and clean color.
second, no ammonia is added, you can use it with better smell. you can enjoy your coloring with nice smell without ammonia.
and the third, with natural flower ingredient, you also can keep your hair silky. we use flower ingredient to improve the color and also for protect your hair from damaging.
this product is available in 7 different shade, there are deep black, dark brown, natural brown, wine red, sweet orange, gold blonde, and mocha pink. I choose gold blonde shade cause I think I’ll get natural brown without bleaching my hair.
the side box, you can see the directions, caution, contents, and main ingredient that’s writing on english language.
and the other side of the box. you can see how to use this product completely with picture.
lets see what we got inside the box
from left to right : hair coloring 30 ml (1.01 fl.oz.), silky perfumed conditioner 10 ml (0.34 fl. Oz.), and oxidizer 50 ml (1.70 fl. Oz.)
from left to right and down : directions, vinyl gown, and gloves
this is how to use :
1. pour content of hair coloring (30 ml) into oxidizer (50 ml). tilt the pump back and forth, please don’t shake it to prevent bubble formation inside the pump.

2. pump to get foam.
3. apply foam from top to the edge of hair.
4. apply evenly when wash off after around 30 minutes, and use the silky perfumed conditioner.
this is me, before use etude house bubble hair coloring
and this one is after hair dye, sorry for bad quality picture
the result before and after hair dye, picture taken with flash. I hate with the result, the color isn’t working out on my hair. and you can see my hair slowly get damaged. I need twice apply the shampo for my hair and after use the silky perfumed conditioner, I think is not enough cause I need more conditioner, after I use my hair mask it more better than before.

what I love :
- cheap price, this product is around 9 USD in etude house counter
- used easily, like using shampo
- free ammonia

what I hate :
-  bad smell, the box say if this product free ammonia but I can still feel the bad smell
-  make my hair dry and damaged
-  the color isn’t working out

will you purchase it again? I’m sorry I will say big no.
cause with the result and after I use this product, I’m so sad with my hair condition now. and I think I’ll cut my hair until short. Maybe I’ll try other hair dye from dariya palty soon.
thanks for reading and see you ^^
chici love all – XOXO –


  1. blonde! suit your face well <3
    pretty hehehe..
    harus sering2 rawat dong ya biar ga kering >.<

    1. makasih ce ^^
      uda coba ini itu tapi ujung rambutnya tetep bercabang, jadi pengen dipotong pendek aja, hehe :p

  2. Your natural hair really looks nice. <3

    1. ahh thank you kri san
      thanks to visit too ^^

  3. Bagus ya hasilnya <3 aku pengen beli ini, tapi hasilnya lebih kemerahannya daripada pirang? apa karena efek cahaya aza sis?

    1. makasih ^^
      itu pake flash say jadi agak merah gitu
      kalo di aku sih jatuhnya dark brown trus ada sedikit highlight nya gitu, kalau mau dapat pirang, dibleach aja dulu sekali c: