Sunday, October 27, 2013

[haul] : october crazy haul

oh God, I hate my self who can’t stop to shopping, not only with clothes, bag or shoes, but also with make up. I just come back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday, yeah I choose Malaysia to refresh my mind after I’m finish some task from my school and my job. I don’t know how much money who I spend for all my shopping bag and the travel. I’ll share about my traveling next time it’s possible.
because I need some clothes and make up, so I buy before going to KL. my boy friend give me a new bag too, he say the color will suit with all my clothes because the color look so natural. for you who join with me in instagram, surely you know it.

this is some product who I bought before going on, new mirror, hair comb, bubble hair dye, face wash, primer, lens, and etc. this is just a part of who I bought, I’m not taking all picture. I bought some clothes and fake nail too, maybe I’ll need it if my nail art in my real nail will broken. and I bought some cute ribbon too, to make my hair look more colorful and not plain.

as you may know, I bought Liese Prettia from chic princessa because my dark root hair it’s growing up and make my hair look so bad. so I need to retouch my root hair before I’m going to KL, I choose chiffon beige, I hope the color will working out, isn’t like my hair coloring on my last post, if you don’t know, just click here. oh ya, I’ll make the review about this Liese soon, so keep stay tune on my blog ^-^
this month I bought one facial wash, this one is in creamy texture. I’m afraid if my acne will be appear on my face, so I choose Acnes from mentholatum to fight my acne, hope this facial wash will be suit on my face.

my boyfriend it’s so kind, he bought me this facial wash too, Hada labo Gokujyun Face Wash, so I has 2 facial wash this month. he say to me, to bring it in my travel because it will remove my dirty face and give me a moisturizing. and remember me to not forget to using my skin care and mask if I need, your so kind my honey :*

maybe some of you know if I’m using eye glasses, so I ordered new soft lens from my lovely online shop kawaii gankyu, the owner is friendly. I choose princess mimi almond, after I’m opened the lens, the pattern look cute and natural, this is my favourite lens now. I’ll make the review soon too (:

my last lip tint isn’t good for me, not only the color but also make my lip dry. so I bought a new lip tint from chic princessa again, when I’m ordered the hair dye. this is from brand the saem, I’m choose saemmul tint in aqua tint. the color it’s so red, and I’m falling in love with this lip tint.

I bought a new primer too from rie butik, brand Holika-Holika, this one is Oil Queen Cotton Primer with SPF 15, review soon on my blog.
when I see the Kay Collection has good deal about this eyeliner, I directly purchase this cute baby, this one is special edition with the same price. yeah, Koji Dolly Wink Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner, who don’t know with this baby and this brand, this is the best eyeliner from KOJI with brand ambassador Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I bought new hair comb too, because the pattern look so cute, with Pisa Tower and rose flower on the handle, and come with pink color too, it’s so cute >w<
for make suit with the hair comb, I bought new mirror too. of course in pink color, but I can’t find the same pattern like the hair comb, so it’s ok.
a few times ago, Hotdeals in Korea send me this some sample, I don’t know I’ll using it or no, but maybe no because I don’t really like with the result if I’m using in sample size. maybe I’ll give it for someone.

this is more sample who I get from my lovely online shop, same with the other sample I will not using it.

did you ever heard about Janssen Cosmetics?? my friend told me if this is a good skin care with a good price, maybe I’ll keep this sample to try, haha. I got it when I going to cosmobeaute this year in Jakarta Convention Center. who going there too??

that all some of my haul this month, and the other haul is still on my table and my shopping bag. review soon on my blog, so keep stay tune ^^
with love, -chici-

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