Monday, June 17, 2013

[treatment] : Detox Skin Theraphy at Beauty Couture Indonesia

holla ladies!! how are you today? I hope you always be fine. today I’ll share my experience do treatment in Beauty Couture Indonesia. many beauty blogger has review about this first beauty destination in Indonesia and their very satisfied with the result. so, I think I’ll try it too someday and I get chance to try the treatment around 2 weeks ago.

Beauty Couture Indonesia placed in Mall Taman Anggrek, based in West Jakarta. they have concept one stop beauty journey. in this place offers a variety of beauty products from Korea, France, and New Zealand. they too has collaborate with some popular brand beauty product in the world, such as Etude House, Skin79, Dr.Jart+, Coverderm, etc.

the decoration full with pattern vintage flower such as rose and hydrangea. the air inside this place feel so warm. You’ll feel like in home, cause this place it’s so cozy. I love with the concept decoration, really really women style. they have the different room for each treatment, so don’t worry with your privacy when you do spa or facial. you can try some treatment in here, cause they have treatment from body until to toe. 
body treatment their offered there are Luxurious Chasmere & Silk Body Treatment, Fragarant Sensation, Beauty in Harmony Treatment, and the best treatment is RF Tri Lipo Machine. this is treatment with tripolar RF (Radio Frequency) that can destroy the fat inside the body.  the treatment price start from around 40 USD  they do have other treatment such as facial treatment, hand & foot treatments, and waxing. facial treatment price start from 30 USD and waxing price start from 4 USD.
but this time I’m not to do body treatment. I choose to try Detox Skin Theraphy with Spa Manicure and Pedicure. unlucky me, my boy friend who accompany me can’t spend his time more than 2 hours cause he very busy with his working. it’s ok laa~ , it’s more better than if him not accompany me. and stupid me, I’m forget to take picture when I’m on there. paboo  -.-
so, I make appointment for theraphy treatment.

this is their treatment room, with floral wallpaper and wooden interior. the place very warm and make me feel relax, with classic music inside the room. I think I’ll sleep ~
after I’m change my clothes, the therapist do massage around my head to make me relax. the therapist do her job step by step that I don’t know what name of her doing.  Detox Skin Theraphy is facial treatment  used crystal massage method and serum for detoxification inside deep skin so can repair the skin cells and also can protect the skin from toxic.
but I don’t like with smell of skin care product their use, cause the smell like soy bean. soy bean is good for skin, but I don’t like with the smell.
the last of the treatment is applying mask. I love with the mask, when it touch my face the feeling is cold. I’m must waiting around 15 minute for make the mask become dry. after that, the therapist will peeling it and I can feel my skin face so smooth and elastic. I love it ~
you will also can try their treatment such Detox Skin Theraphy with price around 60 USD

when I’m walking out from treatment room, my boy friend say “so long honey -.-“
he must come back to his office and meeting someone. uuuhhhhhhh ;^;
that is why I can’t do next treatment, bye-bye Spa Manicure and Pedicure. but it’s ok la~
thanks to my boy friend who still waiting for me. I think I’ll be back again soon, hehe

what I love :
- the concept of this place, one stop beauty journey
- the result after treatment, I get smooth and elastic skin. bye-bye toxic
- the treatment room is so clean and make me feel relax
- the interior design full with floral pattern
- you can buy some beauty product such as make up and skin care here

what I hate :
- the smell from their product, like soy bean -.-
- the price isn’t cheap, especially for collage student like me

Note :. this picture taken from google and facebook Beauty Couture Indonesia

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