Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[review] : BRTC Velvet Mask in Vitamin B5

hollaa, today I’ll share about face mask (:
chic princessa it’s so kind, they send me this face mask to try, I’m so happy and interested ^-^
so, after I take the picture about the mask, I’m directly open the mask and try it, haha
but before you reading my review, please ignore my eye bag, because I’m so tired and I need time to rest, if I know I has eye bag, I’ll make a review tomorrow until my eye bag lost -0-

some of you surely know with this brand, if you don’t know I’ll tell you now girls. this brand is a famous brand and I’m really love to try, not only the mask but also their make-up and skin care is good too, of course with good price >w<
my name is BRTC Velvet Mask with Vitamin B5 for immediate shooting relief. chic princessa choose this variant for me to try, thanks dear :*
BRTC is abbreviation of Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics. this hypoallergenic shooting mask contains vitamin B5 with excellent skin shooting  and hydration properties.

as you can see at the picture above, if this face mask contains broccoli extract which not only rich with vitamin A but also vitamin B5. broccoli not only good for our body to take care from toxic but also can be use for skin care product, and in this modern time broccoli entered to our face mask to instant use, so we didn’t need more time to make face mask from real pure broccoli.

this face mask has passed the dermatologist test with completed. so don’t worry to use this mask (:

product : BRTC Velvet Mask with Vitamin B5
brand : BRTC
volume : 25 gram
made in Korea
packaging : 4/5
from the first time I see the packaging, this face mask look so hygiene and pro, I don’t know why. I can see if their fabrication made this with safety. I can see the injection on the label, and inside  the injection I see broccoli, it’s mean when we use this face mask with not the directly the mask injection the broccoli to our face to give nutrition from the mask. I love their design, because it make their brand look different from other brand which come from Korea too. this facial mask is travel friendly too, so you can bring when you traveling without worry if the packaging will be broken.
the packaging come with sachet which the material is alumunium, it make the packaging always keep the nutrition inside. the color is green, maybe because the face mask is made by broccoli extract which has green color, so to suit the face mask with the packaging, BRTC make with green color. but, when you see the back of the packaging, it’s amlost full with korean language, sorry I can’t read it, haha :D
don’t worry if you has some allergic with some material in this mask, because before you use it you can see the ingredients on the back of the packaging. like who I say before if this face mask contains broccoli extract, you can see not only from the ingredients, but you can see too from the label indicator in the front of the label packaging. I love broccoli so much la~
but with all ingredients, I’m not really sure because I don’t know with that, so maybe some of you can help me to give ranking about the ingredients (:
texture and scent 3,5/5
the texture from this face mask it’s so smooth and gentle, I can feel if this face mask rich with broccoli extract, come with with tansparant color, and uniq pattern. I don’t know what the mean of the pattern but who I love is the pace mask is so soft. this face mask a little bit watery than the other mask and a little bit sticky, but let’s see on my face after use, maybe I’ll see some diferent feeling didn’t like before. this face mask to make suit on our face, with our eyes, nose, and mouth.
the scent it’s so mild, I love the scent because didn’t hurt my nose. I know if sometimes face mask has a bad smell or their scent it’s so strong until can make hurt my nose and make my eyes irritation.

how to use
if you see on the back of the packaging, you can see the picture how to use it, just follow the rules so you will not make an error space. place on your face be carefull and place suit with your eyes, nose, and mouth.

in here I’ll show you my face before using the facial mask, you can see my eye bag?? not the aegyo-sal but the below of the aegyo-sal, look so black -O-
my skin look so tired too, and please ignore my messy room, hehe :p

when in use
this is when I’m using the BRTC velvet mask in vitamin B5, please to not see my lips, I think it’s so dry. ahh, now I need more treatment not only for my face, but also to all my body -0-
I’m lazy to do all the treatment because they take all my time but I need, this is so complicated la~

after : 3/5
after I leave the mask, I see if the pattern from the mask leave on my face, I can see in below my eyes, my cheek, and the forehead too, that is disturbing so much, how can my face look like the face mask, has the pattern, ohh no. I don’t like it so much -.-
to minimalize the pattern, I massage all over my face, if you don’t know how to massage your face, please don’t do that because if you has an error or make a wrong way, it will make your face has wrinkled. so, for safety way, just pat your face with your finger with slowly and let the rest of the gel from face mask entered to your face, after that you can remove with cotton pad. my face isn’t sticky again like when I’m use the face mask and now feeling so moisturize and elastic.
I hope my explanation can help you (:

where to buy?? chic princessa, my favourite online shop >w<
      for more information about the price, just visit their link in here or you can click “chic princessa” in all my review
recommended?? yes, of course

- instant face mask with good nutrition
- travel friendly
- love the texture and the scent so much
- all over I love it

- the pattern from the mask can leave on my face -.-

thanks for reading my review and stop by in blog, hope you enjoy it (:
with love, -chici-

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