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[review] : Introducing - MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil part.2 - Special Care for Colored Hair made in ITALY

hi dear, it be almost one week after I make first post about MAKARIZO MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil. For you who forget, just click here to reminder. in first post I just explain the product, description, the packaging, how to open the ampoule, and before using the product. but now, I’ll tell you how to using and after I’m using the product. it will be interesting, so keep stay tune ~~

MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil is special care for colored hair which made in ITALY, from the first time, with the name “HOT” and “ICE” I really can’t guess how to use because some part it use word “HOT” and the other part using word “ICE”. but now I’ll tell you how to use, because I read a book guide before using, this is so easy to use and I’ll make you falling in love not only with this product but also with the step and step to using this baby~

step by step palm treatment or how to open
1.      before using MAKARIZO MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil, just make sure if your hair in clean condition. for best result, just
wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, rinse until clean. after that, using hair mask but this is just optional, if you didn’t need to use, it’s ok. if you using hair mask, rinse again until clean. I’m usually just using shampoo and conditioner. once again make sure if your hair still in wet, so the Mineral Oil can absorb with maximum.

2.      freezing the ampoule, you can place on refrigerator for 2 minute, or you can use a bowl or glass with water and ice cube,
put the ampoule inside the bowl or glass and wait for 5 minute (see the picture above). see the mineral oil inside the ampoule, slowly the mineral oil will be freez and change the color, if you not sure with the time just see the ampoule, but please to not place the ampoule over time, max. 5 minute, because to keep the nutrition inside the ampoule.

this is the picture of mineral oil in the ampoule after freezing, scroll up and see the different, before and after freezing, the mineral oil change the color and freeze like ice. this is why the name is MAKARIZO MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil, because you need to freeze the mineral oil and make sure change to be “ICE” before to using this product.

3.      after freezing the MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil and make sure to be ICE, rub the ampoule using our palm hand (see the
picture above) until you feel warm and the mineral oil inside the ampoule melted. this is why MAKARIZO MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil give word “HOT”, because you need to rub until warm and make the mineral oil melted from the ICE.

4.     make sure if the mineral oil melted and come back like before freezing. find the white line in the end of the ampoule,
that’s the place to open the ampoule, just break it. for decrease the accident, using towel before break up (see the picture above).

this part is after break up the ampoule, it’s easy to open if you follow my guide step by step and it will not hurt your hand if you be carefull.
texture and scent : 4/5
the texture like oil and watery, yeah the name is minreal oil of course like oil la~
with yellow color like vegetable oil but good smell. I’m really love it with the scent, I can’t describe but I’m really really falling in love with the scent, I still can smell the scent in my hair after 2 days >w<
this oil isn’t sticky or greasy, after using my palm hand still in dry condition. they didn’t leave the oil on my palm hand.

step by step aplication or how to use
1.    put the mineral oil on your hand or directly in your hair, apply the MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil and spread
evenly on your hair shaft using both of your palm hand. apply on your clean hair, make sure if your hair still in wet
2.    starting from the hair shaft, after apply the MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil on your hair, massage hair and
then pat the hair using both of your palm hand. why  we need to massage and pat our hair?? with massage and pat, it
make the mineral oil can absorbed with maximum to our cuticle hair.

3.    after pat, use your both of your palm hand to rub hair after pat. why we need to rub?? because to maximum the
penetration of the mineral oil and spread evenly the mineral oil on our hair shaft. repeat the process until in the end of the
hair shaft.
4.     if you finish to all over your hair, wait 5 - 10 minute, the mineral oil will be change to creamy texture. after that rinse
until clean. please to not using hair dryer, let hair dry naturally, ok. remember it !!

before using
this is my hair before using
the MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil, my hair look dullness, dry, damaged, and some part of my hair gonna split ends, and it make me frustation. Because my hair is tiara for women.

after using
and this part is my hair after using
MAKARIZO MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil, feeling so healthy and get back my shiny hair, slowly but sure it decrease my dry and damaged hair, the smell is good too, but I still need to cutting my hair to losting the split ends, and starting the treatment from the first time again.

where to buy?? only available in MAKARIZO hair salon
recommended?? yes, you must to try it !!

thanks to MAKARIZO, you give me to try your best hair product and I’m really falling in love with this baby now.
with love, -chici-

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