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[review] : Vaseline Healthy White Serum - Perfect 10 - get 10x anti aging in one product

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when I go to drug store, I see this product, maybe some of you know with this product. I bought because I want make a comparison from the last product. this is serum from vaseline, as you seen now, and I’ll tell you what the different from the lotion and the serum.
welcome to mommy my baby >.<
my baby’s name is Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum, this is come from Heathy White series too, before I review about this serum, I has review about the lotion, there are also come from Healthy white series but in lotion, maybe you want to check here.

I ever heard before but never try it, some people say if this serum have 10x anti aging. I’m very interested to try and feel the result. this serum manufactured by Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd., in Thailand and imported & distributed by PT.Unilever Indonesia Tbk., in Bekasi – Indonesia. the ingeridents isn’t too same with the lotion, they have some different formula.

product : Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum
brand : Vaseline
volume : 180 ml
made in Thailand for Indonesia

one of the spot who make me interested is the serum contains AHA, Vitamin B3, and Pro-Retinol, give 10x anti aging from one product. not only about the anti aging, their claims if the product can give you brightening skin. I’m always falling in love with anything product who give the result brightening skin, haha.
10 function from this serum there are : brightening skin, uneven skin tone looks bright, protect skin from UVA and UVB, less blemishes black color on the skin, skin look more bright, skin feel more tighter, smooth wrinkles, take care for skin rejuvenation, moisturizer all over your skin, give nutrition until epidermis sel.

the packaging of Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum is come in tube, it make this serum different from the lotion, because the lotion come in plastic bottle, the tube come with pink color. the cap like the other tube, with small hole inside. nothing special from the tube. beside that, the tube is quite big, make this serum isn’t travel friendly. I hope Vaseline make in small tube.

-texture and scent-
the texture is quite creamy than the lotion, I love the texture so much, easy to blend and quick to absorbed on my skin, and for the scent is more better than the lotion. the serum come in white color with scent it’s so mild, the scent give me relaxation. I think I’ll choose this serum than the lotion, because the lotion more heavy. sorry for blurry picture.

when I’m apply on my hand, the creamy texture make this serum more easy to blend and quick absorbed than the lotion. you can see on the picture with and without serum, if the serum has transparant color after blended. I love it <3

-where to buy?? you can find on supermarket, mini market, or drug store. I bought in price around 3-4 USD or 35 IDR
-recommended?? yes
-re –purchase again?? yes

- cheap price
- creamy texture
- easy to blend
- quick absorbed
- give 10 fucntion in one product
- easy to buy

- come in tube size
- isn’t travel friendly

ranking : 3/5 /

thanks to Vaseline for give me the parcel, I love the parcel so much <3
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