Friday, August 30, 2013

[review] : Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder

how are you ladies?? hope you always have a great day ^^
around 1 month ago I’m entered this cute baby to my wish list, after trying and feel  satisfied, of course I’ll make the review and tell you girls, one of the best product from holika-holika.
let’s check it out...

my name is Holika-Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder and I’ll make your face like cotton, hoho ^0^
trust me, when I’m see their advertisement, I’m totally interested want to try because their say if this product can control sebum on your face.
you know why?? because no mineral oil, aye aye!!
of course beside I has oily skin and it make me feel disturbed with my sebum, I need something to make my face control from sebum.

product : Holika-Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder
brand : Holika-Holika
volume : 5 gram
Made in Korea
this is Holika-Holika Oil Queen Cotton series, they also have primer, face mist, and powder pact.
I would love to try other series too beside the powder, maybe in next review I’ll try the primer, because some beauty blogger say if the primer look good too.
I’m so interested.
the packaging come with hard plastic jar in white color.
the cap printed with picture cotton use tiara like queen, of course same with their name Oil Queen Cotton Powder. but I think if the picture is look so childish beside cute too >.<
the powder included with cotton puff as an aplicator.
but the puff look really hard to use because the small size from the puff and small jar too, and I’m usually use powder brush. so, I’m not use the puff.

when I’m touch the puff, it’s so smooth. maybe, you will like the puff beside the powder because didn’t make your face iritation.
the plastic seal, to keep the powder still inside and close the hole.
I’m just opened the seal to make it easy when I’m using it.
the texture of the powder of course so powdery. the color is white with soft scent and I love with the scent.

apply on my hand, when I'm put on my hand the color is white, but when I'm blend and apply on my hand the color is totally change with transparant color. you can see on my picture above. the particles of the powder is so smooth and gentle.

when I’m apply on my bare face, the powder can control my oily face around 3 hours, it’s amazing for me. Idk if I’m combine with the primer and the face mist, maybe can be stay so long without oil on my face.
the powder really can absorb my sebum and make my skin soft, they also give my face clean looking skin like cotton. I think it suit too for sensitive skin because the ingredients free from additives.
the powder free from mineral oil, paraben, talc, vaseline, ethanol.

where to buy?? I got it from Chic Princessa, just for 7 USD or 68 IDR
recomended?? yes, I’ll recomended it for all girls
purchase it again?? of course la~ because I love this baby so much

thanks to visit, with love –chici–

- love the packaging
- love the powder and the scent
- cheap price
- give me clean looking skin and can absorb my sebum
- great oil control
- suit for sensitive skin
- over all I love with the powder

- the packaging is good on me, but maybe for some people is more look childish

ranking : 5/5


  1. Haloo kakak :)

    Waaah itu bedak tabur ya? Baru tahu kalo isi nya bedak tabur.. Nature kaya nya..

    1. hai juga dear,
      iya ini bedak tabur, hasilnya juga transparan, over all sih aku suka, cobain deh ^^
      makasih ya uda mampir

  2. wah ini kayanya cocok buat set bb cream atau foundi yahh :D
    btw i already follow you dear <3 aku pake kamera DSLR EOS 450 D hehe
    nebeng bales disini yaa ;)

    1. iya kak, cocok nih soalnya hasilnya ngikutin bb cream atw foundation yang kita pake, kalo sebelumnya pake nymph aura biar glowing hasilnya juga glowing, pokoknya cucok lah :p
      iya kak, makasih kak iva c: