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[review sponsored] : Ageha Icy Grey from Japan Softlens

how are you guys? ahh, everyday is a rainy day. don’t forget to always drink mineral water and consumption vegetable, fruit, and complete with vitamin. hope you all always in good condition
today post is another softlens review from JapanSoftlens. for some of you who read my post about my haul in this month (click here) you will find my list haul about this softlens. for another review Japan Softlens, I’m also has make review Ageha Natural Brown (click here).

yap, today review is Ageha Icy Grey from Japan Softlens. they have cute pattern like ice in grey color. I think it’s look suitable for gyaru style. make your eyes sparkling. ok, enough for the teaser. for more review, please scroll down

box packaging : 4/5
same with another Ageha series, the box come in magenta color with flower pattern. I’ll didn’t say anything about the box packaging, if you read my last post about Ageha Natural Brown (click here), you can find complete review about the box.

every softlens always complete with brochure guide how to use and lens case. you can get this for free because included with the softlens. so, don’t worry.  but if you want cute lens case such glitter lens case kitty(click here),you can get for purchase it on Japan Softlens.

-product description-
product : Ageha Icy Grey
brand : Ageha (Japan Softlens)
color : grey
base curve : 8.9 mm
diameter : 14.5 mm (16 mm look a like)
sph : right -3.75 & left -3.75 (available in normal and minus until -8.00)
disposable : 6 months
made in Japan

packaging : 5/5
every softlens who sale by Japan Softlens always come in blister packaging. it make this softlens always keep their hygienist and safety. easy to open, because you just need to peel the sticker. didn’t will hurt your hand when open the blister packaging because more safety than in bottle.

design or pattern : 4/5
the pattern look like flower, but will sparkling your eyes like ice. I love how their make this softlens pattern, remember me with lotus flower if you ever seen lotus flower, pretty overload. the design also will look suitable for your daily activity and any occasion or for make “gyaru” style.

color : 4/5
I always walk in my comfort zone, more choose to use natural color softlens like brown or chocolate without too much pattern or too much color. but, I’m try to use another color such grey, thanks JapanSoftlens to give me this color to try. honestly, the color look so soft and will blend in your eyes without make it look freak.  grey and black color will match with another outfit what you wear. totally in love with this color, and I think if I’m look cute with this softlens too *slapped >////<

enlargement : 5/5
this lens give best enlargement for my eyes, that’s why I give this softlens perfect score. with rimbal black ring it make my eyes look more big and give dolly effect. the diameter just 14.5 mm but they can give you 16.00 mm look a like. with diameter 14.5 mm, I think if the softlens didn’t will hurt your eyes and still in comfort zone for your eyes. I know if you didn’t want to make your eyes feel irritation or anything.

comfort : 2.5/5
all review which I make is based on my opinion, so I make sure it real from me. from the first time I’m try this softlens, they difficult to fit on my eyes, but after few days, they can fit on my eyes. sadly, I can’t wear this softlens for long time, I just can wear for around 3-4 hours, because after that my eyes feel like burn, so I stop it. I just use this softlens for make a product review. this is just my opinion, some people may vary with them. because I ever read testimony if some people can wear this softlens for more than 10 hours without eye drops. maybe you would to try by your self and find how they can comfort in your eyes.

all over : 4/5
over all I give 4 point from 5. this almost perfect. for packaging of the Ageha Icy Grey, they so pretty. design, color, and the enlargement it’s so perfect. but sadly, I’m not really comfortable for use it in some hours. every people has different eyes, so if the softlens didn’t really comfort in my eyes, maybe it will be comfort on you. you never know it, if you just read my review but didn’t try by your self.

-enjoy free gift and free shipping-
get free shipping until 15 IDR for softlens you purchase from Japan Softlens and also get 5% point reward for every softlens you purchase from Japan Softlens via website. not only get free shipping and get reward point. every purchase 5 pairs or more softlens from Japan Softlens you can get KARA Eyelash included essence for eyelash and eyelash glue. for every purchase 3 pairs softlens, you will get Ayumi Hamazaki Eyelash, Ayumi Hamazaki is a J-POP Star. get free kawaii lip gloss special from Japan for every purchase 2 pairs softlens from Japan Softlens. you can also get free Lipstick Pen for every purchase 1 pair softlens. term&cond apply. btw, if you check Japan Softlens for now, you can find big discount until more than 30% for every softlens and another beauty product.

where I get??
Japan Softlens, normal price around 27 USD or 270 IDR, after discount the price around 18 USD or 178 IDR.
recommended?? yes
re-purchase?? I don’t think so

hope you like it and see you in next post because I’ll share another review and tutorial in soon.

for more information
web : Japan Softlens | f : Japan Softlens | t : @JAPANSoftlens | ig : @japansoftlen

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