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[review sponsored] : COW STYLE Bouncia Body Soap

I hope I didn’t late to say happy new year, but I think still more better to say thought late more than didn’t say anything, LOL. ok, this is will be my first post in this year. I have something which so special, scroll down for more details~

after take a bath, I get surprise. I’m find parcel in my living room with pink paper as a wrap, I think I didn’t order product or win giveaway. so, I don’t know who send me this parcel. I see if this parcel come from Jakarta, yeah COW STYLE brand it’s so kind to send me this parcel. this is the first gift which I get when Christmas eve

open the wrap and I’m find Bouncia Body Soap inside. with transparent box and pink ribbon. I ever heard and read review about this product. so, when I know I get this, I’m so excited to try. because some review say if this product can give moisturizing and this product is suitable for people who have dry skin. thanks COW-sama to send me this product.

Bouncia claim if the bubble which produced will be soft look like whipped cream. this product also contain with collagen, milk butter, and hyaluronic acid which can give moisturizing and make our skin feel so soft. I always excited with product which contain collagen and milk butter.

packaging : 3/5
the packaging come in bottle with pump as applicator. it’s so bulky and I think if the packaging isn’t travel friendly because the bottle it’s so big. but for family use, this size quite enough. the packaging didn’t look special, isn’t cute or professional look, but still seen lux. the bottle come in blue and white color.

in other side you can find product description in Bahasa. of course included with information about ingredients of Bouncia and also expired of date. if you peel of the sticker, you also can find product description with Japanese language. try to read katakana and I can find butter on product description. I still need to learn Japanese language. 

product information
product : Bouncia Body Soap
brand : COW
volume : 550 ml
made in Japan

applicator : 3/5
the applicator come with pump. I think if the applicator quite safety if you lock in right way. to open the nozzle you just need to turn on the nozzle to the left and then press. after that you can pump for getting out the soap. the less point from this pump is after you using it, you can’t close the pump with easy. I turn again the nozzle but when I’m turn of, the soap getting out because I need to press the nozzle to close. the bottle feel so slippy because of the soap and look a little bit messy. so, I didn’t need to close the bottle.

scent and texture : 4/5
I love the scent from this body soap. the scent very mild and soft. I think the scent of body soap is important for know, if you use body soap with strong scent and you also use perfume with strong scent, it will be annoying. the scent also will crashing one and another. so, I always choose body soap which have mild scent.
the texture of the soap it’s so creamy. I just need one tea spoon to make bubble. this product really can saving your money. I prefer to use shower puff to make bubble, because I can produced more bubble with shower puff better than with my palm hand. you can see if the bubble look really small and soft.

take the spoon and move the bubble to the spoon. damn, it’s look so yummy and like whipped cream. but don’t think to eat the bubble. after more than one week using Bouncia, my skin feel moisturizing and smooth. there’s no dry skin and also can replace my dead skin cells. I think you must try this product.

over all : 3.5/5
the texture, scent, and the result it’s awesome. I love my skin now, more smooth and moisturizing. I can say bye-bye to my dead skin cells. 550 ml quite enough for one month or maybe more than it, it’s quite enough to saving my money because the price it’s so cheap. but the size it’s so bulky and didn’t travel friendly. I hope I can find in small size for traveling, hehe :D

where to buy? you can find in drugstore and supermarket near you such Guardian and Watson

the price around 7 USD or 71 IDR. price maybe vary in every store.
recommended? of course, yes.
repurchased?  yes. you can bought in refil size if you want.

thanks COW for send me this awesome body soap Bouncia. hope you enjoy your holiday in new year and also my post. 

see you in other post. –xoxo–

for more information
COW STYLE website | COWSTYLE INDONESIA facebook |@cowstyleID

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