Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[review] : innisfree moisture lip base

hai ladies !! how your day today?? are enjoy it?
did you ever think why your lips feel so dry? or after using concealer to your lips, you can see more chapped on your lips? if you using lip tint, you should know how your lips condition. after I’m using lip tint, my lips feel so dry and sometime I see their look chapped. I think if I’ll using lip balm before using lip tint, but the result is the lip tint can’t adhere to my lips. and if I’m using lip balm after lip tint, my lips feel so weight. if you read my post about January beauty haul (click here), you can guess what I’ll show you.

so, I’m find something which perfect for my problem. what’s that?? I’ll introduce lip product which can help your dry lips and give it moisturizing. this is innisfree moisture lip base. I got it from online shop, but it’s too hard to find online shop who have ready stock product or open pre order for product like this. I’m so lucky, because I can find lip product who can help me a lot.

I’m try to find product description of this product in bahasa or english, but I can’t find it. this lip base also didn’t come with box packaging like another lip care product from innisfree. but if you want know more information, you can find on their website

product information
product : innisfree moisture lip base
brand : innisfree
made in Korea

packaging : 5/5
though I love something with have sweet and cute design, but the packaging of this product didn’t make me feel disappointed. their come in tube squeeze packaging from plastic with broken white color in full of their product. more look like eco product. the tube it’s small, the size like another lip balm, very travel friendly.

applicator : 3/5
such another lip balm which come in tube squeeze, the applicator have diagonal shape to help us using the lip base to our lips. with small hole, it can help me to measure how much lip base who I need to cover all my lips. you can see if the lip base which getting out it’s so skimpy >.<

with safety lock which located inside the cap, it make the lip base still inside the tube though we  squeeze the tube, the lip base will not getting out or be messy or dirty inside the cap.

texture : 5/5
I’m sorry I can’t describe how their texture, the texture isn’t like cream or gel, but a little bit like lotion with matte finish. dry so fast and can camouflage my chapped lips. more better than I’m using lip balm because it can moisture my lips for more than 5 hours, maybe more. the lip base also can make my lip tint more longlast to stay on my lips.

scent : 5/5
there’s no scent who I can feel from this lip base. all is perfect for me, the taste also plain or I can say there’s no taste of this lip base. it can make me more feel comfortable because sometime my lips product such lip tint, lip gloss, or maybe lip stick which have sweet or bitter taste.

over all : 4.5/5
innisfree moisture lip base is my favourite lip base for now or maybe forever, until I get lip base which can change the position of this lip base. with small packaging, it can travel friendly. the lip applicator help me to use the lip base, with diagonal shape it can allow my lips with easy. good texture and there’s no scent or taste inside. the lip base can dry quickly and can camouflage my chapped lips, they also can moisture my lips for long time and sometime it can change the position of my lip balm. but it’s a little bit hard to find this product in Indonesia though in online shop.

where to buy?? I get it from Zatura Shop, price around 4 USD or 44 IDR, price maybe vary in another online shop with different exchange rate.
recommended?? of course, yes.
re-purchase?? yes !!

the best way to protect your lips isn’t also using lip care such lip balm or lip mask. the best way is always take care your self with drink mineral water and eat more vegetable and fruits. hope you enjoy my post and can help your problem.

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