Sunday, June 30, 2013

[photoshoot] : Summer Holiday feat. aRakida Photo

hola hola . . .
how are you today?? hope you always be fine
in this post I’ll not share about my beauty product but I’ll share my photos who's taken when this summer holiday, uyeeee~
hope you enjoy your summer holiday too
this photos taken by my young sister, her name is ria with label “aRakida photo”
I think aRakida photo is a cute label, she’s taken the label from Japanese language.
left - right : my young sister (ria) and me
this is my picture and my young sister
she’s just do tanning with her skin, she want look sexy with golden brown skin, and my mom angry when know she do that. haha XD
ok, skip my young sister story ~
in this photoshoot, she’s detail in scenery. she want people look the green leaf and blue sky with light sun. the location is in mini garden, she want look a like in forest. she want different choice, when some people taken summer holiday in beach but she want in forest. and she choose me as her model.
I just use white t-shirt and red skirt for girly look a like, and she want look very natural. you know la~
I want not to use black t-shirt cause it is can make me feel so hot under the sun.
let see~
am I look like a child?? play with sand >_<
this one is my favorite picture, hehe ~
the sun make me feel like burning, it’s so hot and melted..........

thanks for visit my blog, I know I’m not a professional model but I just do the best that I can
I’m sorry if you disappoint with me, I hope I’ll be more better soon
please to always support me ^^
enjoy your summer holiday and have a nice day, see yaa~
pssssttt, don’t forget to use your sunblock before do activity ^^
chici love all – XOXO –

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