Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Review | Green Tea

Hallo, long time no see. I will make review about Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap (Green Tea). I’m too late to make this post, I’m sorry for the unexpected condition. Btw, thanks COW Japan to send me this product to try, mine is in green tea. Let’s see.

Name : Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap (Green Tea)
Available Options : (Two) Green Tea & Charcoal
Price : USD 6,5 (price may be vary)
Availability : drugstore or participating pharmacies (Guardian, Watson, Metro, Grand Lucky, etc)
Also available in online store (SukaMart, NihonMart, etc)
Made in : Japan
Net Weight : 80g

What it claims
Skin will be feel so smooth after using this product without irritation. Make skin more brighter, soft, and moisturize with five natural ingredients. Contain extract green tea which get from extraction Green Tea Kyoto Uji, natural hyaluronic acid, natural collagen and jojoba oil to moisturize skin. Skin one level more bright dan make it more soft without dead skin cells and whiteheads

For best results
Put soap inside the foaming net, give water and rub the soap until getting bubble. Wash your face with bubble from the soap, massage with gentle, and then rinse your face. (the soap included foaming net)

How their work
The bubble can remove a dirt in the pores and refresh and moisturize our skin

Packaging :
There’s no special from the packaging, the soap just packing with carton and look like another Japanese product.

Texture/How it feels when applied :
The soap look weird in green color, such soap from old generation, haha. But the bubble which getting from the soap it so smooth and soft. Just need a little bit water and you can get big bubble. They also didn’t hurt my face, there’s no irritation, inflammation or feel itchy.

Scent : Same as the name, they have green tea scent. Relaxing my face and my mind with green tea scent.

Ease of Use : Easy to use but isn’t travel friendly.

 Overall / Veridict :
I kinda like but don’t really much often. I’m recommendation this soap for people who have oily skin such me, I’m try by my self and quite love with the result, remove dirty skin, sebum, and make my face more fresh after using them. contain green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen which make skin smooth and elastic. But the soap isn’t travel friendly, quite make disappointed. For bright result, I think isn’t really work on me, because my face does not look more bright or anything. the results depends on skin condition and every person have different skin condition.

Hug and Kisses

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